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Another Open Letter to Mitt Romney


Dear Governor Romney,

As this political season really heats up now, I just wanted to share a few points with you. My wife and I consider ourselves to be middle-class Americans. We work very hard to make ends meet and have no desire to rely on government to meet our needs. But, to be honest, we are just one to two paychecks from a downgrade from the middle class just as America has been downgraded twice under the Obama regime.

Just like a majority of Americans today, it is very hard to save any money for the future. With extremely high energy and food prices that are destined to climb even more, we find ourselves facing the possibility of being priced out of existance.

We need a strong voice in Washington who won’t cave in to the left’s plan for total destruction and re-construction of the United States in Obama’s image. Are you that man, Sir? Granted, you were not my first choice throughout the primaries, but it is now clear that you are the only choice to restore America to her former glory. Are you up for the job? If so, say so in a loud and clear voice.

Don’t cave in to the communist left as John Mc Cain did back in 2008. Instead, take the fight to them. Put God and your conservative principals before you, and call their bluff. Do not pander to the media and select political groups as Obama has done. Stand for America in a loud and clear voice.

America will support you and will be more willing to do so if you tell it like it is. Make the point that it was a Democrat-controlled Congress since 2007 that laid this fiscal and economic path that we are on now. Make the comparison between Bush’s labor participation and unemployment rates and Obama’s. Make the point that Obama has accumulated more debt in one term than every other US president COMBINED! Make the point that there have been three times the US casualties in our Middle East wars under Obama’s watch than there were under Bush’s entire two terms. These statistics will litterly make you cry.

The power-brokers on the left believe that they have all of the power and that you must cave to their wishes. But, I am here to tell you this: take the fight to them. Go on offense, stand for God, and stand for America. We the People, your future employers, will stand behind you and support you if you do the right thing.

Stand up, Sir. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. You have the potential to be one of the greatest presidents that this country has ever seen. It is time to stop being a gentleman. Take off the kid gloves, and take the fight to the left. If God and the American people are before you, no one can be against you.

In closing, sir, I leave you with these words: please stay safe, and always be aware of your surroundings.


Tim Powers

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