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Another Example of How the Extreme Left is Changing Our History and Traditions



Over the course of the past three years,we have experienced the outright organized attack on religion from the extreme left around the world. Here is the latest installment. The re-writing of the Ten Commandments in order to appease the educated idiots that do not seem to adhere well to rules…even if they are God’s.

Unfortunately, the Obama regime has embraced these attacks as part of the “hope and change” campaign. We have seen Obama cover crosses at sites where he was speaking, cancel the National Day of Prayer while embracing the Muslim ritual of Ramadan, and sneak the preaching of social justice into our churches. Just listen to the words of Michelle Obama and you will see where we are headed:

When Obama stated that the United States of America was just days away from fundamental transformation, he wasn’t kidding!



As we are now in the beginning of an election year, and our only chance to get rid of  this Communist America-hating, Muslim thug, a deal has been made for a company in Spain to do all of the counting of the electronic American votes. This Presidential election has been rigged at the highest levels. At least we now know why Obama was so confident in his open mic slip-up to the Russian President that he will be here for another term. The question now, my fellow Americans, is this: how much more of this are we going to put up with before it’s too late? Will we wait until our religious freedom is gone or changed beyond recognition, our military is put out of existence, our country is sold out to China, or we just wake up one day to a true dear Communist leader? I’m afraid that the time has come once again, my friends, to either “water the tree of Liberty” or become enslaved. May God help us all.

Photo credit: Gerry Dincher (Creative Commons)

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