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Another Evil Reminder Of What Sharia Law Really Is…

Mariam Ibrahim's brother wants her murdered


Mariam Ibrahim needs our prayers. She is about to become a martyr for her belief in Jesus Christ.

Mariam is in trouble, and she is running out of options. The savages in Khartoum that are holding her want to murder her for refusing to “re-convert” to Islam; the United States will not help her without DNA proof to bolster her case; and her own brother, an adherent Islamist, wants her murdered as well.

Moreover, CNN is beginning to buy the Islamist justification for murdering her by accepting her brother’s claim that she was brought up as a Muslim. By the very act of interviewing Mariam’s brother, the feckless weenies at CNN have signaled that “Well, we just don’t know who is right here”–as if this was an argument over a milk cow instead of a human life. But that is exactly the point.

In the twisted ideology of Islam, a milk cow is generally more valuable than a woman, but definitely more valuable than a woman who dares to say no to Islam. When Mariam was just a child, her Muslim father followed the way of the cowardly Islamist and abandoned his family. Her Christian mother raised her daughter as a Christian, which should have been the end of this story.

Unfortunately for Mariam, she is living in a seventh century cesspool run by people who believe Islam is so wonderful that they will kill anyone who rejects it. That this cannot possibly constitute the basis for true religious faith does not occur to these savages.

Enter CNN. Since all ideologies and customs (except Christianity) are equally worthy of respect in the liberal mind, they sent a reporter to Khartoum, presumably to find out “who is right.” What they succeeded in establishing by this interview is probably not what CNN set out to report.

By carefully reporting each detail of young Mariam’s life as recounted by a man claiming to be her brother, they established that he is indeed her brother; and they probably aren’t the least bit self-conscious about the horror of his insistence that she be murdered for turning away from Islam.

In the meantime, the same United States of America that has effectively erased her borders has demanded DNA proof that Mariam’s children are the biological children of her American citizen father.

The Islamists are savages that worship death, and that includes Mariam’s own brother. We can expect little else from them. Nevertheless, what about our State Department? Can’t someone in our government try to save Mariam and her children, who will be forced into Islam upon her death?

Where is NOW? Where is the Congressional Black Caucus?

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