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Anger, Disappointment, Sadness….Then Resolve


We had an historic election indeed. An election that would point the country in either the direction of dependency, or the direction of self-reliance. Simple as that.

My first reactions were anger and disappointment. The fact that 60 million Americans would vote for President Obama after the last four years with his economic record, with his personal track record, and with his presidential statistics was just infuriating. After the anger came a deep feeling of disappointment that the country was not going to be able to benefit from a Romney Administration. My view was that Governor Romney was precisely the type of presence we needed as a leader, as a President. Governor Romney is a fine and decent man with a humble and gracious approach to his life of faith, family, and business. The contrast of success between the two men is staggering.

The low level at which the Obama Administration and his campaign have taken the presidency brings out very strong emotions, and that 60 million Americans said “Ok, we can stick with that” … well, I guess you know how I feel. Angry and disappointed.

Then the sadness kicked in as I watched Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on the stage with their families after the concession speech. You could see the disappointment on the faces of the candidates (especially Ryan) and their families. It was very difficult to watch, especially knowing that we most likely will not see Mitt Romney on stage again. America lost that privilege. America chose, and that is the game; that is the deal, and that is the law. We must accept it as conservatives, learn from it, and move on with the fight for what we believe in.

That is the resolve. That is what is needed, and that is what we must do. To walk away, throw our hands up, or give up would be as bad as voting for Barack Obama. We need resolve to go forward, learn from the mistakes made, and improve on what was done well. This country is the greatest country on earth, and that is because the people have always fought and not given up. The country needs a strong and motivated conservative force that will get the message across day by day, week by week, that the values and ideas we have are better for the country then the left’s.

That is what I have resolved to do. Starting with this post.

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