Andrea Mitchell, the other liberal media bigot


The preening liberal media loves to fancy itself an elite bunch, the epitome of correct thinking, good intention, and unassailable virtue. That comfortable notion took a broadside earlier this week when it became known that liberal icon Helen Thomas had remarked Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and “go home” to Germany or Poland.

It should be noted that Thomas was well-known for her anti-Israeli views, often peppering administration officials with long-winded questions that came across as pro-Palestinian tirades.

But Helen Thomas isn’t the only female journalist who recently indulged in bald stereotypes.

Last Thursday journalist Andrea Mitchell channeled her inner psychologist, pontificating on the causes of American wars. And Mitchell came to the conclusion that war, for all its complexity, its ebbs and flows, its bravery and tragedy, could be boiled down to a single word: “testosterone.”

The context was an Andrea Mitchell Reports interview with historian Evan Thomas about his recent book, The War Lovers. Casting aside historical nuance, this is what Ms. Mitchell had to say (the full interview can be seen here:

“And it is men — not to be too gender specific here — but there, there is a male factor here… I’ve we seen it in our own recent history. What is it about testosterone that gets us into war?”

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