Anderson Cooper’s Asininity


As I write, I scour the CNN website, in vain, for news that broke hours ago on Fox:

A Haitian judge would be ordering the release of 10 American missionaries who were arrested for taking 33 children and trying to transport them out of the country.

Hours on, CNN, which had followed the story to the exclusion of more urgent items – and is generally quick to break news – had informed its Internet followers only that Haitians had canceled Carnival.

Mercifully, CNN doesn’t engage in straightforward editorializing. The Kvetch channel’s unadulterated leftism – not to mention hard-core statism – creeps into reports by way of story selection, slant, energetic facial grimacing and punishing programs such “Black, Brown, and plain Bored in America.” (Where whites are concerned, it’s an existential whiteout.)

Call it the CNN meta-message.

The tough tenor toward the missionaries from Central Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho, was set by CNN alpha female Anderson Cooper. The activist anchor and his houseboys in Haiti had been exceedingly hard on the hapless group, whose aim it was to, first, whisk the children to the Dominican Republic and, next, help “each child find healing, hope, joy and new life in Christ,” as well as “opportunities for adoption into a loving Christian family.”

This mission statement – Christianity in practice, if you will – was scorned by the New York Times, too. The paper accused the evangelicals of “trying to buy souls,” and pronounced them “guilty of a kind of spiritual trafficking, by mixing the help they offer to victims of last month’s earthquake with proselytizing.”

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