Danna Milbank, Washington Post


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Photo Credit: Geoff Livingston Creative Commons

Maybe Barack Obama really is The One. Yesterday’s news was good — almost supernaturally so. The economy? Recovering. The markets? Rallying. Swine flu? Abating. Drought? Ending. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff declared his confidence that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are well secured. The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee declared his confidence that a massive health-care overhaul will be accomplished this year. Warren Buffett declared his confidence that the economy is “out of the quicksand.” And the Supreme Court was confident enough about the state of the nation to turn its attention to Janet Jackson’s breasts.

Call it good policy, as Democrats do, or beginner’s luck, as the last remaining Republicans do, but you can practically hear the nation collectively exhaling.

Photo Credit: Geoff Livingston Creative Commons

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