Analysis: ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Ratings Surge Since Trump Beat Birther Drum


According to an analysis of Nielsen Media Research Data, since Donald Trump burst onto the political scene and began beating the birth certificate drum, ratings for “Celebrity Apprentice” have climbed each week:

February 10 — Trump at CPAC — Hedoesn’t specifically mention the birth certificate issue, but does say that the people who went to school with Obama “they never saw him, they don’t know who he is. It’s crazy”

March 6 — Season 4 of “Celebrity Apprentice” debuts to about 7.9 million viewers (down about 5% from 2010’s premiere)

March 13 — Apprentice’s ratings tick up slightly to an average of 8.13 million viewers

March 17 — “GMA” runs an interview with Trump — the birth certificate is raised and among other things, Trump says “The whole thing is very strange.”

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