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An Open Letter to the US Congress


John Boehner 3 SC

Bravo to all of you in the House and Senate leadership. You have once again proven that you cannot be trusted to do what your employers (WE THE PEOPLE) have elected you to do. As usual, you all sat on your collective laurels knowing that your dog-and-pony show, the fiscal cliff, was looming until the last possible minute.  Then with a few late-night back room deals with Biden and Obama, a path was forged…Obama’s path!!

You people absolutely disgust me! You have played the American people like a fiddle time and time again while standing there at your podiums looking DOWN on us. We are tired of your pay-to-play legislation that is nothing more than a late-night back room deal. As usual, you all got your way, not to mention raises by executive order in the midst of a recession. This absolutely stinks of PAY-TO-PLAY! As always, your EMPLOYERS get to foot the bill.

The only time that you useless idiots spend in your home states anymore is either vacation time or election time, which to me is one and the same because you are all always campaigning. Washington DC is NOT your home; your perspective states are. Why don’t you come home and visit sometime and get to know your constituents, feel their pain, see their hardship, and, with any luck, experience their unemployment!

The United States Constitution was written in order to divide and limit the power of government. Nowhere is it written that a few at the top huddle in a little room and make laws for an entire nation. We the people have had quite enough of this MALARKY! (Thanks for that contribution, Joe Biden.)

It is time for each and every one of you to get back to the basic structure of the Constitution. Spend a lot more time in your districts, hear the voices of your employers, bring open debate back to the House and Senate floors, and stop covering Obama’s backside. If he vetoes legislation, that is on HIM and him alone. No more playing the blame game. If you get back to the basics, maybe we will even see a budget this year, seen as how we haven’t had one in four years. For the sake of America and all Americans, DO YOUR JOBS FOR A CHANGE!! Stay safe, and be aware of your surroundings.

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