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An Open Letter to the Honorable Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer



At the opening of the fiftieth session of the Arizona legislature, you made the following passionate comments in your State of the State address in response to the tragic shooting of Representative Gabby Giffords:

I believe Arizona will rise on wings like eagles….. We will run and not get weary…. We will walk and not grow weak…..Arizona is in pain…..Yes our grief is profound….We are in yet the first hours of sorrow, But we have not been brought down……We will never be brought down.

You wrote in your book, Scorpions for Breakfast, that when you looked at your audience that included legislators, dignitaries, judges, and other constitutional officers, you thought of “all the people who now looked to us to ensure that justice would be served.” You said that you “meant every word” of your speech.

In the conclusion of your book, you wrote: “We are a free and striving people not the subjects of an overbearing government. Call me biased, but I believe this is true in Arizona more than just about any place else. We used to be a country that was proud to assert that. These days, you get called names for saying such a thing. But if our critics have learned one thing by now, it’s that we can take it. We won’t be intimidated and we won’t back down.”

Arizona and our country are facing the worst constitutional crisis in our lifetime. We have a president in office who is an enigma. All of his records have been sealed. His birth certificate and his Selective Service System registration form have been determined to be probable criminal forgeries by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Obama’s Social Security Number is also being questioned. Additionally, President Obama seems to be hellbent on destroying America’s freedoms with a plethora of constitutionally questionable Executive Orders and bills apparently designed to turn us into a totalitarian socialist state.

Will you abide by your promise to never let Arizona be “brought down?” Do you stand by your words that Arizona “won’t be intimidated?” Will you continue to fight to “ensure that justice will be served?” Thinking Arizonans are not in pain, but they are fearful of what the future holds if the enigma called Obama is re-elected to office in November. Many believe the end of America and the rule of law is fast approaching.

My request to you, Governor Brewer, Attorney General Tom Horne, and Maricopa County Bill Montgomery is simple. Utilize the state or county Grand Jury system to review Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s findings regarding President Obama’s identification papers to determine if criminal fraud and forgery crimes have been committed (and who benefits from these alleged fraudulent documents. )With the November election fast approaching, there is very little time left to discover the truth about President Obama and the authenticity of his identification papers.

Arizona and America will “rise on the wings like eagles” only if we are told the truth about the Obama findings as determined by the jurors of the Grand Jury. Will the DNC and the GOP make you back down? Will you refuse to be intimidated by party elites? Will you make sure that justice is served? It’s time for Arpaio’s Obama report to go to the Grand Jury. You have the courage to make it happen.



Brian Reilly

Sun City West, AZ

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