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It is fair to say that our nation is divided amongst political viewpoints that resemble a chasm of thought, beliefs, deeds and actions that seem insurmountable while we struggle with an economic calamity unseen since the Great Depression.  This transient economic situation has been not only our problem but the worlds as well.  Our recession has circled the globe with the piper finally coming due for all the years of ignoring the reality of unbridled expenditures.  The dearth of spending by our nation and the socialist nations of Europe is causing the world’s economies to crash under the weight of obligations to their own citizens.

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We have always been a nation that has prided ourselves on our work ethic, that is until the “New Deal” came about with Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the 1930’s, the refrain from many during this time was “Mr. Roosevelt gonna save us all.”

It was then that America began to change; it was hard at first, as many just wanted a job, not a handout, and their abject rejection of “charity” was central to the average citizen at that time.  Slowly, as the Depression wore on and heavily on our citizens, they were forced to change their perspectives as utter desperation was staring them in the face day-after-day. And hunger is a merciless master.   It was also a time of great changes happening in the world, and many citizens were seeing the rise of Fascism and Communism being played out in Europe as they dealt with their economic collapse as well.  This caused many of us to question whether these new “collectivist” schemes were viable. After all, there was a great divide between the rich and poor in those days, much more than we have today.

However, everyone forgot the heyday of the roaring twenties as the economy boomed and you could make a fortune on the stock market almost overnight. Practically everyone had money in the market: secretaries, schoolteachers, laborers, homemakers.  Times were good.

As we move forward to today, we have a situation that is similar, if not the exact same conditions that we faced then. And it is being handled in exactly the same way now as then. The only difference we have is that the attitude of our citizens has changed.  This is because the name of these same types of programs that Roosevelt championed have been repackaged and called “entitlements” instead of relief or assistance programs so the stigma of charity has been removed and charity has become institutionalized by the federal government.

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Citizens now feel entitled to these benefits, and many have certainly paid their “dues” through the years with ever larger taxes to pay for all of this spending, though most would rather have a job and the quiet dignity that earning an honest living brings.

How many supporters of President Obama have taken the time to consider the consequences to the increasing costs associated with ever-increasing programs that have been forced upon the American taxpayer?  In addition, even if these are the right things to do, why aren’t these expenses planned for and budgeted?  Much less any consideration and appreciation to the people that actually pay for these benefits, which is that pitifully small group of citizens known as taxpayers.  Instead, they are being vilified as selfish, and told that they certainly should be doing more?  Our president, instead of asking all of our citizens to pull together and help one another, declares that these taxpayers are being greedy and demands that these citizens pay their “fair share.”  Do you support this?

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