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An Open Letter to Mitt Romney


Dear Mr. Romney,

I must admit that when it first appeared you would be receiving the nomination, I was disappointed. All of my favorite candidates had dropped out one by one; I would even have voted for Ron Paul. I had decided that my vote would be against Obama rather than for you; however, the Republican National Convention changed that for me. I did not see all the speeches; but the ones I did see, along with the prayers I have been saying and personal research, opened my eyes to the fact that you are definitely qualified for the job.

I had read and heard that you would be little better (morally) than the man now in office and that I should vote for a more “Godly” man. The speeches I heard definitely contradicted this; in fact, I think someone said you were “too good to be true” and a “goody two shoes”. I also heard and read attacks on the Mormon faith, calling it a cult and un-Christian, so because you belonged to that Church, you could not be “Godly”. To me, the definition of a Godly man is someone who has a relationship with God and practices Biblical principles and, after what I have heard over the last few days, I would say that you qualify. You have my enthusiastic support now, Mr. Romney, as well as that of my husband.

There are some who said that you are not very likeable, or not as likeable as Obama, but if I could choose to spend an hour with either of you, I think spending time with you would be an honor. I think that being “likeable” is relative, and that for a president, it should be more important to be respected. I not only like you; I respect you. I do not respect Obama, nor do I find him “likeable”.

From the speech you gave at the Convention, you share my dream for America. I want to see the United States return to a smaller government that encourages small businesses and does not restrict my freedom. You have a plan for America that I can believe in; and for the first time in nearly four years, I have hope, real hope for a positive change. Not the fantasy “Hope and Change” that Obama promised without offering a plan.


In Christ Always,

Becky Smith



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