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Dear Democrats,

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President Obama has said that the Republicans’ ideas are from the previous century;  many are.

Conservatives fought for the end of Slavery, they fought for Civil Rights, and they fought for equality for all. Very few Americans would want to see those re-instated.  But on some issues, yes, we would like to return to many of the ideals, mores, and beliefs of the past.

I would like to see school children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America.  As American citizens, there is nothing wrong with voicing this pledge and teaching our children to understand and believe the words.  There is Pride and Unity in them.

What is wrong with standing and placing your hand or hat over your heart, or saluting when The Star Spangled Banner is played? What is wrong with singing along? What would be wrong with teaching our children ALL of the verses?

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Women in the workplace are wonderful, and there have been women with jobs outside of the home for centuries; and they should get equal compensation for equal work. In most cases where the work is truly equal, they do; but many positions are relative, and even men don’t get equal pay for the same job.  In most areas, there are many levels of pay dependent on factors such as time on the job, position, performance, attendance, and so on; so equal pay is difficult to judge.  The only time that you will see true equality of pay for anyone is in an instance where the starting position pays minimum (either government or company decreed) wage.

I have worked for most of my adult life, but the best years were those when I could stay home and spend time with my daughter.  Back in the day, when women stayed home and men worked outside of the home, families were more of a partnership.  He took care of the money, and she took care of everything else.  Even then, when women had outside jobs, there was a partnership.  She took care of the inside, and he took care of the outside.  He did repairs; she did laundry.  He took care of the lawn; she took care of the house.  And don’t forget the kids.  They had chores fit for their ages.  They cleaned and dusted, took out trash, cleaned their rooms, did dishes, helped with the lawn, and put their dirty clothes in the hamper and clean clothes in their dresser and closet.  The family was a unit and functioned as one.

During the Great Depression, people didn’t want to go on welfare; most fought it tooth and nail, and they tried to get off the “dole” as soon as possible.  Doctors were often paid on the barter system.  People took what jobs were available and lived according to their means.  It was great to have a wealthy person in your town as then there was work to be done and an income to receive.  There were tough times, but the people worked through them with the knowledge that this great country would recover and win.

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