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Microsoft founder Bill Gates has admitted in public many times that he feels that there are too many people in the world. I guess this is his answer to what he feels is the problem. He plans to fund a geo-experiment that will have catastrophic effects on the entire earth’s eco-system. This experiment threatens to worsen droughts and starve possibly billions of people. And those who might survive will suffer physical problems that will make them wish they had not survived. How can something as evil as this affect us out here in New Mexico? Mr. Gates plans to launch a balloon that will release sulphur dioxide particles into the atmosphere at an altitude of 80,000 feet over Fort Sumner, New Mexico. How can we tolerate or even comprehend such evil?

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An experiment funded by Microsoft founder Bill Gates will see thousands of tons of sulphur particles sprayed over New Mexico as part of a geo-engineering study, despite the fact that even staunch environmentalists have warned the process could have catastrophic effects on the earth’s eco-system. This so called Geo-engineering threatens to worsen droughts, starve millions.

Even environmentalists who support the global warming fiasco are warning against this experiment. The impact of this experiment could cause further damage to the ozone layer; it could cause severe droughts; and if it does rain, it will be acid rain, killing crops rather than nourishing them. This will create a worldwide starvation event. Although starvation may be a better way to go because sulphur dioxide can cause suffocation and lung embolism, damage to liver and kidneys, reproductive failure, and heart damage just to name a few. Along with these severe issues, mothers can pass sulphur poisoning over to their children through mother’s milk. This experiment is slated to take place within a year.

With this experiment, Mr. Gates is not even picking and choosing who lives and who dies. What is certain is that he is starting with all New Mexicans. We may not have a large population here, but we could make our voices heard. Everyone needs to be made aware of this plan and call a halt to it.  Will we tolerate such evil? Since when did the amount of money you have suddenly place you into a position of Deity? Mr. Gates wants to play God and say that X amount of people should die in order for a smaller amount of people to live. If you want to see this information for yourself, check out the websites at the end of this article. They will lead you to even more information if you would like to pursue this.

I voiced my concerns to our Republican Congressman, Steve Pearce. His response is posted below. I did not ask for a history lesson. He didn’t even fake a show of concern for the lives of his constituents. I have to wonder how it is that these people feel as though they have earned their salary. I am still waiting to hear from our Governor.


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