Al Gore’s climate alarmism is debunked in this two-hour documentary!

“An Inconsistent Truth,” a two-hour documentary by Shayne Edwards and featuring talk show host Phil Valentine, premieres in Nashville today. It is clear that Al Gore’s climate change agenda is being defeated. Check your local movie listings for when it will air in your community.

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Here’s a synopsis of the film:

From director Shayne Edwards and award-winning radio host Phil Valentine, An Inconsistent Truth takes you along for the ride on one man’s quest for the truth. Many people believe in man-made global warming, but they don’t know why. This is one of the most important issues of our day; yet the average American knows so very little about what’s really going on. Is that by design? Who stands to make billions off cap-and-trade legislation? Why do those who raise their voices the loudest lead the most wasteful lifestyles? Is carbon dioxide really a pollutant or is it a harmless gas that’s essential to life here on Earth?

This movie is an entertaining, fact-filled odyssey that will have you thinking, cheering, and laughing. Phil Valentine goes straight to the experts and so-called experts and demands to know the truth. And the truth just may change your life.

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Join Phil as he climbs aboard Bennie the “BioBenz”, a car that runs on biodiesel that Phil makes from used vegetable oil. Phil talks with scientists and politicians and relentlessly pursues an audience with the poster boy of global warming, the man who brought the world An Inconvenient Truth – Al Gore. Phil takes the punches and throws a few himself. He sifts through all the data and hyperbole and distills it down to one easy to understand and fun-filled motion picture.

Al Gore and his one-world allies are beginning to lose the battle to destroy industrialized civilization. Go see this film!


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