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An Example of How Obama Provokes Conservatives and Christians


I have found the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama provoking me to outrage in unexplainable ways. Does he do this on purpose? I believe he does.

First it is important to understand that one of the favorite tools of Alinskyites is mockery. They love to mock their enemies. What better way to mock your enemy than to send secret messages that infuriate them and then mock the response as “crazy”. They have been doing this throughout the Forgerygate scandal.

Obama’s team obviously released a forged long form birth certificate. Then they mock us when we demand an authenticated document to prove his constitutional eligibility.

This video documents another less known outrage, but still a provocation likely intended to outrage Christians during the 2008 campaign.

Obama’s stage was modeled after a Greek temple where early Christians were slaughtered. What do you think? Was this just a coincidence or was it a deliberate provocation intended to set us up for mockery by the liberal, secular press? Watch this video and you decide.


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