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Photo credit: Dan Jacobs (Creative Commons)

My father served in the Korean War. And he served in the Vietnam war. His time in Vietnam overlapped with my first of two combat tours in Vietnam.

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And when I came “home” after my last tour, I could not legally buy a beer or vote because I was not yet old enough.

And I could not get a “real” job because I was labelled as a “drug-crazed baby killer”. Someone interviewing me for a job actually asked me about how many babies I had killed. So I reenlisted in the military until such time as it was possible for me to slip back into the mainstream workforce unnoticed.

And I raised a family, started and ran my own business for a couple of decades, hired and fired people, and always tried to do “the right thing”… which had a tendency of getting me fired from time to time. But on the upside, that provided the incentive to start my own business.

And despite the way I and my brethren Vietnam Vets were treated, I have always insisted on flying the American Flag in front of my home.

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And when I screwed up once again and dared to voice my strong support of our Constitution and began associating with others of a like mind (that would be Tea Party folks), my Vice President called me a “domestic terrorist.”

And now those “teaching” (indoctrinating?) our next generation of military leaders has listed the Tea Party as Domestic Terrorists (notice the promotion from lower case to capitalization – reflecting the perceived elevation of our potential threat to the status quo).

Many moons ago, I published an article entitled “I AM The Tea Party” in response to a question posed to me and in some part in response to being called a “Terrorist” by VP Joe Biden.

My father always told me that personal opinions are like rear ends: everybody has one; and in most cases, they stink. And with that bit of wisdom held close to my heart, name-calling has never been offensive to me. But being called a “terrorist” by the second most powerful “leader” in this nation gave me pause. So I looked up the word in the dictionary:

Terrorist: A person who terrorizes or frightens others.

I guess that I and other like-minded people truly do qualify as “terrorists” because we obviously frighten a great number of folks – the Elitists and Crony Capitalists in Washington and those who fear losing their free cell phones and other government handouts.

But try as we might, We The People are amateurs in the “Terrorism” business when compared to Barack Obama.

The non-stop mass media barrage being rained down on the American people by Barack Obama and his regime of terror has not been seen in the “civilized” world since the Blitzkrieg of WWII.

Blitzkrieg: Military maneuver that attempts to keep its enemy off-balance, making it difficult to respond effectively at any given point before the front has already moved on.

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