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America’s National Cathedral Now Performing Gay Weddings


The Washington National Cathedral is the closest thing our country has to an official state church. It plays host to almost all state funerals and inaugural services for newly elected presidents.

In 1893, Congress passed a measure to allow for the construction of a new cathedral in the nation’s capital. The measure was proposed to Congress by the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation, run largely by the first seven Episcopal Bishops of Washington. Construction began in 1907 and was actually completed in 1990 when then President George H.W. Bush presided over the placement of the final finial. Interestingly, in 2011, the National Cathedral received $700,000 in federal funding for repairs due to the earthquake that occurred that year.

The National Cathedral is operated by the Episcopal Church, which is the closest Protestant denomination to the Catholic Church in many ways. It is the official seat of the Bishop of Washington, who at the moment is the Right Reverend Mariann Edgar Budde. It’s also the official seat of the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, who at the moment is the Most Reverend Katharine Jefferts Schori. Yep, both church officials are women, which goes against scriptural teachings, and also explains why they have become so liberal.

If you can compromise the Bible and God’s teachings in one area of the church, then why not violate a few more? Well, they are. After same-sex marriage was voted to be legal in Maryland and the District of Columbia in November, Budde decided to allow for the inclusion of same-sex marriage ceremonies in church practices.

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