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Americans Are Literally Tuning Out Obama


by Kevin “Coach” Collins


Barack Obama speech 7 SCClear-eyed observers recognize Barack Obama will not have an easy road to re-election. A steady stream of poor and suspicious decisions has become the hallmark of his administration. He stands exposed as a man outmatched by the demands of his office.  Obama’s well documented failings will provide ample material for whomever the GOP nominates. Nevertheless, the worst enemy of Obama’s re-election chances may be building inexorably without much notice.

The worst calamity a candidate can face is being laughed at; the second worst is being ignored.

Evidence that the voting public may be ignoring Obama is building, and this portents great danger for his re-election.

Continually Dropping Viewership

There was a time not long ago when people stopped whatever they were doing to hear an American president’s speech. This was the case at the beginning of Obama’s administration. In December 2009, almost 41 million people stopped whatever they had were doing to watch Obama’s speech about Afghanistan. Last June, when he spoke about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, those who viewed his speech numbered 32.1 million. His August 2010 talk on Iraq had 29.2 million viewers, which was a significant enough slide but substantially better than the 25.5 million who tuned in for his speech on Libya.

Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Since the beginning of Obama’s term of office, the Rasmussen poll has reported on the difference between the percentages of likely voters who strongly approve of Obama and those who strongly disapprove of him. On his first day in office, Obama enjoyed a huge plus side advantage of about 30 points. He stayed in positive territory until the middle of August 2009, when the spread fell into the negative where it has stayed ever since.  While this negative spread has held at about 12 points on average, the real significance of these numbers requires a closer look.

Not only has the number of those who “strongly approve” of Obama slid ever downward, but those who “strongly disapprove” numbers are sliding in lockstep. Both are now at virtually identical levels. Nearly 60 percent of likely voters have made up their minds about Obama, and 61 percent of them don’t care what he says.

Burning the Furniture to Stay Warm

Obama and his advisers must recognize the dark shadow of apathy engulfing his presidency.

Why else would they release a putatively genuine birth certificate so early in the election cycle? Why would they execute Osama bin Laden now when they were sitting on certain knowledge of his whereabouts for months? Why else would Obama try to convince us he is ready to drill all over the country? Why else would Obama be “burning the furniture to stay warm”?

Could it be because he is feeling ignored?

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.


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