Here’s Why America Needs To Stay Out Of Iraq And Afghanistan

America needs to understand this simple concept


So, Iraq has a Shia President. He did what any Shia would have done: he avenged himself for years of Sunni atrocities and went after Sunnis, forgetting that Iraq has a 70% Sunni, 20% Shia, and 10% Kurdish population. However, Sunni Al-Qaeda and ISIS saw the cracks in Iraq’s government and let lose their reign of terror and atrocities. Iraq’s Shia President is not sitting quiet either. He invited his Shia brothers from Iran, who quickly obliged (Iran has a Shia majority). Forget about the Iran-Iraq war; this is about the deep divide between Shias and Sunnis. When these two warring groups have their fill of each other’s blood, they will unite briefly to find a common enemy. At most times, this common enemy will be America and Israel. Their motto: drain America from within and throw its carcass in the sands of Arabia, drive Israel into the sea, and make slaves of the rest of the world.

Most Muslim/Islamic dictators were smart; they understood Islam and its madness. That is the reason they ruled the way they did. If they did not, they would have been long gone, along with their families and entire generations at the hands of Islam’s men-of-holy-war-in-the-name-of-Allah. With Obama’s help, dictators were dragged, hanged, and cut (and so was established the so-called democracy in Muslim lands!) Obama was woefully unaware of the nature of the beast. Little did he know that the iron hand that ruled these kingdoms was the only kind of hand that could rule. He forgot his roots; liberalism came forth from the bowels of the very same ideology. Dictators kept peace and kept their masses poor, uneducated, deprived, and under strict control. Not even a bird could stir without the Dictator’s knowledge. Men’s heads rolled regularly, and literally rivers of blood flowed freely. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

“Arab Spring” remained a pretty term for Liberals in their nonsensical books and in their entire history of ineptitude. How could two opposing tenets of Islam and Democracy flourish in the same place? Every place with a Muslim population remained in turmoil, was in turmoil, and would always be in turmoil. Besides war, there is nothing there. Where there is oil, that oil is exchanged for billions of dollars to feed the monster of jihad or Islam’s perpetual holy war on non-Muslims, which is roughly half the world.

This frenzy and thirst for killing, and the willingness to do it, will not die down any time soon. It is here to stay, and America should be ready for it. If America will take this on, they had better do it with full force. Any weakness, any appeasement, any compromise, and any understanding will be scoffed, scorned, and squashed. Let the Sunni-Shia brothers fight it out–and while they are at it, make use of this time to get ready for the next battle with remaining brothers because they are coming; America must defend its land.

Photo credit: The U.S. Army (Flickr)

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