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At the same time, we share the heritage of Puritan, Quaker, and missionaries of all denominations who dealt honorably with the Indians because they took their marching orders from God and the covenant they made with Him concerning their life in the new land. (The treaty breaking was in the hands of those settlers and their descendants for whom manifest destiny was an entitlement rather than a calling, according to Marshall and Manuel’s masterpieces “The Light and the Glory” and “From Sea to Shining Sea.”)

We defended groups of people around the world when they were the victims of aggression – from western Europeans to Pacific Islanders attacked by dictators in World Wars I and II. We rebuilt Europe – including the nations of our enemies – and Japan, supported freedom seekers in Southeast Asia and Korea, and defended the innocent of Kuwait and Iraq without so much as a thought to grabbing their oil resources – despite accusations to the contrary. We have supported the Jews who clawed their way out of the Holocaust, and we have supported the legitimate aspirations of the Arabs in what we know as the Palestinian territories. When we saw what domestic racism looked like on television in the sixties, we stepped up to the plate as a people.

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In the final installment of this series, I will look at our hope-filled destiny.

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