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American Life League has put together a video entitled “Hooking Kids on Sex,” that makes the conspiracy theory claim that Planned Parenthood is attempting to turn Americans into sex addicts for the same reason drug cartels try to increase drug addicts: money. That the more sex Americans have, the more contraception, STD testing, and, more importantly, abortions they can provide, turning Planned Parenthood clinics into a sexual cartel likened to a Mexican drug ring.

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As we found out last week with the revelation that the White House, Media Matters for America, and Center for American Progress (among  other “progressive” groups) hold weekly strategy meetings to control messaging in the mainstream media and identify enemies, conspiracy theories aren’t always theories. We found out that the White House, through Media Matters as a Goebbels propaganda machine, complete with a 90-page Nixonian war manual, has been spoon-feeding news to MSNBC (among others). We found out that, unbelievably, Media Matters writes MSNBC’s prime time and is a conduit to a half dozen reporters in major media outlets. This Goebbels propaganda machine has its own enemies list, which includes Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and none other than Fox News head Rupert Murdoch, but also various conservative websites, think tanks, etc., of which the smear machine targets and takes out those who do not tow the Obama machine party line. Their most recent take down was Pat Buchanan, an MSNBC political analyst, of which Media Matters, instead of throwing a party when Glenn Beck was pushed off of Fox News, ran a “victory lap” on their website, cheered on by Van Jones/Soros-connected Brown Shirts Color of Change and the Anti-Defamation League, crying “hate speech” and “anti-Semitism.” Oddly it has been revealed that Media Matters is virulently anti-Semitic. The Anti-Defamation league has also been wagging their finger at the Tea Party, calling them racist and anti-Semitic while ignoring the real racism and anti-Semitism of the Occupy movement. Of course “hate speech” is the code for the Brown Shirts’ identification of something that doesn’t tow the party line.

But let us get back to our “conspiracy theory” of the Planned Parenthood sexual cartel. The American Life League video, strangely, is prefaced by a warning to not let your children watch the video, as it contains graphic images, but of which is taken directly from literature, public school programs and “community events”  that Planned Parenthood directs towards children and teens. Some of the graphics are taken from Planned Parenthood-endorsed “It’s Perfectly Normal,” a book directed towards 10-year-olds, touting masturbation as fun and normal, showing illustrations of images that, as the American Life League video points out, if an old man sitting on a park bench opened the book in front of children, he would be arrested. They go on to show Planned Parenthood’s “community outreach” events, with genital-shaped foods, vulva shaped puppets, teenagers taking part in “gay pride” parades with barely clad participants, topped off with an anal “fisting kit” for teen and college-age male homosexuals.

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