Kraft abandons conservative group In Response To Pressure From Color Of Change


Kraft Foods, Inc. has become the third corporate titan to abandon a conservative group that supports the type of “Stand Your Ground” gun law at the center of the Trayvon Martin controversy in Florida.

Kraft — one of many corporation members of the American Legislative Exchange Council — won’t renew its membership when it expires this spring, Kraft Corporate Affairs Director Susan Davison told POLITICO.

The company’s decision comes after Coca-Cola on Wednesday announced plans to end its membership in the free-market group. PepsiCo has also said it would not renew its membership, NPR reported Thursday.

The companies began dropping their memberships after the black advocacy group Color of Change launched an online campaign calling on Coca-Cola to end its support.

Color of Change has been pressuring corporate sponsors to terminate their memberships with ALEC since last year. Until recently, the campaign was focused on ALEC’s support for voter identification laws. At the end of last year, Pepsi was the first group to notify Color of Change that it wouldn’t be renewing its sponsorship.

Read More at Politico. By Robin Bravender.

Photo Credit: mr.seeb (Creative Commons)


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