n 2000 Al Gore was a failed Presidential candidate with a paltry 2 million dollars to his name. Not a lot of money for a guy whose lavish mansion gobbles up almost a 150,000 dollars in electric utilities annually alone, and that of course is before property taxes and all the other costs of owning a home in Belle Meade, which has one of the region’s highest costs of living. But besides growing a beard and lecturing college students on journalism, a hobby he had last practiced in the 70’s, Al Gore didn’t have much of a career plan.

Photo credit: roberthuffstutter (Creative Commons)

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But Gore didn’t starve on the streets either, and eight years later, despite not having much in the way of a job, the former Vice President is worth over a hundred million dollars. Expanding your net worth by %2500 percent sounds like the Madoff investment plan, but the scam that Al Gore invested in is one that makes Madoff look like a piker… because Gore invested in The Greatest Scam on Earth.

The Greatest Scam on Earth naturally revolves around the earth itself, combining millennial apocalyptic visions with junk science to create global warming. In 1920 the American poet Robert Frost wrote, “Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice, From what I’ve tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire.” Taking an incomplete cue from poem, the school of environmental apocalypse first tried to sell the idea of an ice age, before switching over to global warming.

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Photo credit: roberthuffstutter (Creative Commons)

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