Al Gore and the Media Protection Racket


The Al Gore police report is disturbing.

To be specific, it’s 67 pages of the quite graphically disturbing, as posted here by Red State.

You are reading the news of this police report — originally filed in October of 2006 — only because the National Enquirer scooped the story. In June of 2010. You did not read it in the Portland Tribune, which has been on this story since 2007 and failed to tell its readers until the Enquirer broke the story. The Tribune’s explanation for this is to be found here.

Then there’s the interesting news that Kathleen Parker, she the “conservative” columnist who has gained renown in liberal quarters for Palin-bashing, has been selected by CNN to partner (so-to-speak) on a new political chat show with Client Number 9 for a rousing — according to press reports — $700,000. Client Number 9, of course, would be former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who was identified as such by the investigating feds curious about the ex-crime busting state attorney general’s passion for expensive prostitutes. Said passions led to Mr. Spitzer’s resignation as governor.

Next up is the recent news that the Washington Post’s David Weigel (who has occasionally written here at TAS), hired to blog about conservatives, has resigned after e-mails came to light that suggested he hoped Rush Limbaugh died and said that Matt Drudge should “handle his emotional problems more responsibly and set himself on fire.” Not content with this, the Post’s longtime media reporter Howard Kurtz tells us Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller has Weigel writing behind the scenes that “conservatives were using the media to ‘violently, angrily divide America’ and lamenting news organizations’ ‘need to give equal/extra time to ‘real American’ views, no matter how [expletive] moronic.'”

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