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African-American Community Harmed, Not Helped, by Obama Policies


How ironic it is that America’s first (partially) black president is, in fact, the greatest enemy of the African-American community since the 1860s? What is even more ironic is the fact that this community, through its own lack of education (but most significantly through the deceit, lies, and manipulation of the Obama Leftists) remains virtually clueless that it is being oppressed in the extreme…and with its own acquiescence. At no time since the abolition of slavery has the black population been more enchained by the shackles of poverty, crime, hopelessness, or family breakdown than it is experiencing under the Marxist, nanny-state policies of the neo-Socialist that occupied the White House in January 2009.

The facts and statistics surrounding the racial participation in the myriad of “government assistance programs” are irrefutable. While there may be as many non-blacks on the social assistance rolls as there are blacks, a far, far higher percentage of African-Americans in the Nation are on such programs that any other race. So, while it can be argued that these points apply equally to all races, as the title indicates, the effects of the Obama policies are far more egregious on blacks than on the other races. Perhaps, though, the one aspect that brings the focus of this discussion to the effects on African-Americans is that, as in 2008, polls indicate that over 93% of blacks support Obama’s re-election. That would be analogous to the 1850’s plantation slaves fully supporting the slave master for “Man of the Year” awards. Wow, that would be weird. So why is this?

If you’ve ever been to a national park that is home to wild bears, you must have seen the signs posted that say “Do not feed the bears. Human feeding will cause the animals to forget how to fend for themselves and place them in danger”. So, this applies to wild bears, but not to supposedly more intelligent American citizens? In recent years, the United States has found itself at a true tipping point with respect to citizen dependency upon government. This, though, is a culmination of not years, but generations, of Pavlovian training to which the poor have been subjected. Beginning with LBJ’s 1960’s “Great Society” initiative which ushered in most of the currently active “government assistance” programs, three generations of the Nation’s poor have been duped into a deeper and more widespread state of poverty. It should be remembered that the Great Society was born not out of a sense of raising those in poverty but, ultra-cynically, to merely attract the minority vote across the land. Sadly, then, in the case of America’s dependency segment, the “Do not feed the bears” sign is some thirty years too late. In many cases, today’s assistance recipients have already “forgotten how to fend for themselves”. While this situation would have been very serious under any circumstance, the entrance onto the stage of Obama, all the Leftists in his administration, and his obvious (to anyone who has actually researched the man’s background) Marxist philosophies elevates the cause for concern from serious to dire.

Even Bill Clinton, for whom my respect actually grows given the abysmal failure of Obama and his cronies, recognized in the mid-1990s that excessive dependency by a people on its government was, in one of the catchphrases so frequently used by the Left, unsustainable. Clinton eventually signed the Welfare to Workfare Act that was at least moderately successful in reducing the welfare role. It is noteworthy that Obama recently went around Congress to essentially rescind Clinton’s actions. And, yes, it was and is unsustainable IF the objective is to maintain the Nation’s status and a free market, capitalistic democratic republic. Vitally important, though, is that American voters recognize that maintenance of such a system is NOT an objective of Barack Obama. In fact, that objective is the quintessential opposite of Obama’s Marxist vision for America.

Evidence of his real agenda can easily be found throughout just about every action taken by Obama since his inauguration…even before. At the heart of the Left’s tactical attack is the redistribution of wealth. What a politically correct way to say “to take money from those who have earned it and give it to those who have not”? From that stance, it is a mere hop to “economic fairness” and “economic justice”. Another story for another day is the examination of the dozens of presidential acts, speeches, and executive orders issued since 2009 that brazenly further the deceit and darkly sinister Obama-led dehumanization of those in the dependency class. This story is not being written to express any outrage or complaints from the successful segment of society whose own wealth is being redistributed (though it very well could), but merely to demonstrate and question the wisdom associated with a vast expansion in the number of “assistance recipients” and the impacts such policies have on them.

The long-term effects of complete dependence on anyone other than oneself, including government dependence, are personally devastating. Can you imagine going through your life, heck even going through a year, and doing nothing from which you feel a sense of accomplishment? What a horrible feeling that must be. I would submit that’s not life; it is existence. But then, I’ve never taken one penny of government assistance. However, if that is all you have known for your entire life, and that is all your parents had ever known, would your view be different? Most assuredly, it would.

Statistics indicate that African-American children whose parent(s) receive government assistance for more than four years during the child’s first ten years of life have less than a 25% chance of ever climbing the economic ladder and attaining entrance into what is generally referred to as the “middle class”. Handouts create dependency, and dependency kills initiative; without initiative, nothing ever changes. Intellectually, it then becomes very apparent that it is in the best interest of the poor to throw off the bonds of dependency and to become self-sufficient and claim a degree of personal responsibility for one’s own life. It is oftentimes easy to “blame” the poor for their own plight, and there is certainly valid cause to do so. Doing so in every case, though, is arguably unfair to the individuals. There are millions of young adult African-Americans who have never known any way other than to “cash their government checks” and who have no dreams or aspirations for their own lives. Many, I feel, have never even experienced the emotions one feels when they over-achieve, when they complete something that allows them to say “I did that.” And the incentive that follows that urges them to do something else that they can be proud of.

The fact that there are so many millions of Americans who have known nothing but the government handout makes it so very much easier for slimy, self-interested politicians to use the poor minorities as useful idiots. When the most powerful of those politicians is a Marxist, one whose primary agenda requires an ever-expanding lower class in order to succeed, the Nation’s very existence is imperiled. And that is the position we find ourselves in today in the U.S.

Against this backdrop, the black community in general kisses the ground that Obama walks on. You may recall, after one of the rounds of accelerated government assistance payments, the African-American woman in Detroit who famously was recorded saying, “Barack gonna pay for my gas and my mortgage…(with money) from Barack’s stash”. The culture of dependency in poor black neighborhoods runs so deep and is so firmly entrenched that those people will never understand the point of this article. But, at the risk of being called all sorts of nasty names, I have no fear telling the truth, and that is this: Barack Obama cares no more about the needs of those individuals in the black communities than he does about whites, Asians, Mexicans, or anyone else. If he did care, his agenda would include measures that would persuade, in some cases even force, African-Americans on government assistance to learn to fend for themselves. Fear is perhaps the premier motivator in human endeavor. I suggest that the poor, faced with going hungry or finding a way to provide their own food, would indeed find a way. I can’t imagine that even such a minimal accomplishment wouldn’t also provide some uplift in terms of a sense of self-reliance. That’s clearly not the Obama way, though.

Since 1964, the federal government has spent more than $15 trillion (that’s right…trillion) in its “war on poverty”. In American today, there are more people, both in terms of raw numbers and as a percentage of the population, in poverty than ever before in modern American history. Can the taxpayers get a refund, please? Barack Obama, with the expansion of so many of the government handouts, is a wily and cunning Marxist. He recognizes that in the short term, turning up the federal giveaway spigot, particular in low-income black communities, will guarantee that he again receives something approaching 95% of the African American vote. You will hear the Left praising these actions and gushing on about Obama’s compassion for the poor. What you will not hear is any discussion related to the perpetuation of the culture of government dependency (which could be described as dependency on the successful since that’s the only source of cash available for Obama to redistribute to the dependent) that these steps promote. The bottom line is that to Obama, the African-American entitlement society is nothing more than just another campaign-benefitting group of useful idiots. Obama knows that eventually, under his own vision, the middle class will be relegated to the lower class, and there will then be no source of private money available for redistribution. As with everything about Barack Hussein Obama, this is about the preservation and expansion of his own power. His furthering of the nanny-state mentality is a traitorous act against the poor, regardless of race. If he tried to devise a plan that would “keep the black man down”, he could do no better than by doing exactly what he is doing. Keep giving the free heroin to the poor…eventually, nature dictates he will “own” them. Perhaps his agenda was created primarily by his white half, but his acts are evidence of his own racism against the African-American community. And to that community, they should be aware that after Joseph Stalin had no further political use for his “useful idiots”, they were the first to be “dealt with”.

America is the most generous nation on earth, and Americans are the most generous society in history. Like the rest of the country, I am happy to provide government assistance to the needy when it is genuinely needed. In the good ole days, citizens lent a hand to those in need, not on someone’s mandate but as a genuine display of compassion. In a United States where workers can now receive unemployment benefits for 99 weeks, the government runs radio commercials encouraging Americans to apply for Social Security disability, the work requirement is waived for welfare recipients (of which there are now more than 103 million or almost one third of the entire population of the Country), free lunches at schools are mandated by Washington even for children without a financial need, the government provides free (free, huh?) cell phones for low income households (some households have been documented as having applied for and obtained as many as TEN such phones), and the list goes on and on, how on earth could the number of citizens who are government-dependent not be rising?

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