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Adam Lanza Elementary School Opening Soon?


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If the liberals win this battle over our Second Amendment freedom, how many years will it be before they name an elementary school after Adam Lanza? This is the turning point. Our freedom and the Constitution all hang on this debate. If we lose this argument, the rest of our rights will erode at warp speed.

If we lose the debate, the liberal gun grabbers will point to Adam Lanza as the turning point that gave them the public support needed to pass the most restrictive gun control measures ever. He will be their hero. They will name an elementary school after him, just like the school district in Salinas, California named one for Tiburcio Vasquez, who was a notorious California bandit in the late 19th century.

Vasquez only killed about six people and was described, at that time, as California’s most notorious bandit. He was hanged for murder in 1875. Since he robbed and killed in the name of social justice and fought the oppression of a “white” system of laws, he is described by school officials as sort of a hero to the Mexican-American community. Did his crimes revolutionize Southern California? No.

So why am I making this connection? Adam Lanza, unwittingly, has done more for the leftist gun control crowd than any other person could do. Anyone who watched the Presidential debates saw that there was no commitment from either candidate to push for more gun control. Saturday Night Live even humorously reenacted the “no” responses to the gun control question. The sad thing is that this horrific tragedy has been hijacked by the gun control activists. It makes me angry at those who seek to profit politically from the suffering of others, using this horrific event to further their agenda.

While we mourn the Sandy Hook massacre, we should also mourn the moral and ethical decay that lead to such a horrific event. I place the blame squarely at the feet of the progressive politicians, liberal judges, social activists, and political correctness; I do not blame an object that cannot control itself.

We treat society’s issues with kid gloves and tell them their pain is someone else’s fault. Their childhood, their mother, or their father caused them to feel this way. Instead of teaching children that life is not fair, we lie to them and tell them that it is. We tell them that they are special and that society owes them something. We teach them that God doesn’t exist and that we evolved from pond scum. We give their life no purpose or meaning. Then we give them a pill or a bunch of pills to help them cope when their despair and delusions manifest into conditions we call mental health issues.

Instead of having hearings on gun violence, we should be having hearings on mental health. Bring in the professionals and sit them down in front of a panel and have them discuss why it is that their profession is turning so many people with mental health issues into murdering lunatics. Have them answer how they intend to change what they are doing to protect the public, instead of the public having to testify and fight for their right of protection.

Instead of pushing for regulations on objects that keep society free and protected, let’s investigate the liberalized and politically correct mental health system that failed the citizens of Sandy Hook. Let’s investigate the use of all these drugs that have the side effect of suicidal tendencies. Let’s insure that people taking these medications are supervised so they don’t murder themselves or others.

Next, we need to sit down the school administrators and tell them that a paper gun, a finger, or an imaginary grenade thrown to save the world will not harm anyone. It will not incite violence in the kindergarten lunch line. It is just children playing and using their imagination, something that should be encouraged and not stifled. How do you play cops and robbers without even an imaginary gun? How about saving the world from aliens without an imaginary grenade?

Unfortunately, Connecticut has not had time to properly grieve their loss. Yet we must defend our rights while people still mourn. We must respect their loss while pushing back on those who choose to exploit their pain for political gain. It is a fine line to walk, respectful but steadfast. I am sorry if this sounds harsh, but the battle lines have been drawn. We don’t need the CDC to study gun violence; we need them to study mental health and the drugs used in treatment. We need our school officials to exercise common sense and good judgment instead of overreacting, which just confuses everyone who has not had their head filled with anti-gun, anti-American goo.

The liberal progressives’ goal is to abolish the 2nd Amendment. When they say the opposite, they lie, just like President Obama did in the debate. There are also useful idiots who are drinking the gun grabbers’ Kool-Aid and will attempt to come to some sort of compromise, for the good of the citizenry. Make no mistake about it; the progressives intend to abolish all firearm ownership. They intend to accomplish their goal by any means necessary. If they succeed, the government will have total power; and tyranny will ensue.

Photo credit: krazydad / jbum (Creative Commons)

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