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Updated: ABC Interviewed Gingrich Ex-Wife: Will It Explode Campaign?


First it was Herman Cain. Now it is Newt Gingrich that is about to see his campaign exploded by his relationship with a woman. According to Associated Press:

An ABC News executive tells The Associated Press that the network has interviewed Newt Gingrich’s second wife and is likely to air the segment Friday on “Nightline.”

This is just hours before the South Carolina primary in the heart of the Bible belt where Gingrich had been closing in on front-runner Mitt Romney.

Gingrich has been plagued with allegations of womanizing for decades, and it was his relationship with his current wife Callista, while he was still married to his second wife, Marianne, which pundits are speculating could be the focus of the interview.

Gingrich is already playing catch up to get in front of the story. It is a tale directly from the soap operas.

The ex-wife has said Gingrich proposed to her before the divorce from his first wife was final in 1981. Her marriage to Gingrich ended in divorce in 2000. Gingrich admitted he’d already taken up with Callista Bisek, his third wife.

Gingrich has said he has no relationship with his second wife.

We are watching this development closely to see if it will impact polls in South Carolina

Update 10:14 am EST

This is getting worse. Brian Ross opened up this morning on WMAL radio:

ABC Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross, told WMAL’s Morning Majority program that Marianne Gingrich claims her ex-husband wanted an ‘open marriage.’

“He came to her and said, ‘I want to stay married to you and still have an affair with Calista, his current wife,” said Ross. “According to Marianne, he said ‘You need to share me,’ and she said ‘I don’t want to share,’ and the marriage ended,” he added.

We are monitoring.


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