ABC Highlights Attacks on Gingrich from Republicans Without Labeling Moderates


On Sunday’s World News on ABC, correspondent David Kerley filed a report highlighting anti-Newt Gingrich comments from a number of Republicans who used to serve in the House of Representatives with the former Speaker, and, although at least half the members cited as criticizing Gingrich have a history of being moderate Republicans, Kerley did not inform his viewers of this aspect of their political history which may affect their negative view of him.

After beginning the piece by asserting that Gingrich is “now frightening some of his own party,” Kerley used a clip of centrist New York Representative Peter King:

I saw the damage he did to the Republican Party and to the Congress. And I think I owe it to my constituents and to the country not to allow that to happen again. And if he did that as Speaker, I’m really concerned what he would do as our nominee for President.

After a clip of the more conservative Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and a clip from former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu – who as White House chief of staff is credited with recommending the closet liberal David Souter as a Supreme Court nominee to former President George H.W. Bush – the ABC correspondent then turned to another moderate Republican, former New York Represenative Susan Molinari, who admitted to being “terrified to death” of Gingrich becoming the Republican nominee. Molinari: “Most of us are terrified to death that he would become the Republican nominee.”

When Kerley did turn to a couple of former Gingrich colleagues who were willing to defend the former Speaker’s fitness for political office, he noted that the two members would not endorse Gingrich, even though it is still relatively early with a few weeks left before the Iowa caucuses, as if to suggest that even though they were defending Gingrich, they still have reservations about him. Before a clip of former Virginia Representative Tom Davis, Kerley set up the clip:

Tom Davis served and was promoted by Gingrich, but won’t give him his endorsement. Some Republicans have told me: Listen, this is a guy who couldn’t run the House of Representatives. How is he going to run the country?

Before a clip of South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, Kerley recounted complaints about Gingrich and then brought up Graham’s non-endorsement of the former Speaker. Kerley:

The complaints? Gingrich had a million ideas, but many were a distraction. He lacked discipline and often put himself before the party. Some Republicans were fed up. In fact, a coup led by then-House member Lindsey Graham in the late ’90s failed. Today, Graham said Gingrich has matured, but won’t get his endorsement, either.

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