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A Word for the Left…You Have Offended Me


To all of the left-wing hypocrites who claim to have the best interests of American society at heart, I for one will not comply with your wishes as you have offended me.

You claim that every American should be able to prosper while forcing over-burdening tax increases on us. For that, I am offended.

You kill millions of unborn babies every year, contrary to the will of God. For that, I am offended.

You failed to properly vet the man who holds the most powerful office in the world. For that, I am offended.

You force gay rights, an absolute abomination to the Lord, on the God-fearing citizens of America. For that, I am offended.

You seek to force absolute control of unions over the American labor force. For that, I am offended.

You have engaged in a war against Christianity by your bogus claim of separation of church and state that is not written anywhere in our Constitution. You use intimidation tactics to remove all religious symbols from our schools and public squares. For that, I am offended.

You continuously give American taxpayer money to groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood against our wishes as these groups are only interested in killing America and her citizens. For that, I am offended.

You have pushed absolute immorality on our youth and have dumbed them down to a point where they don’t even know what critical thinking is and will never have the oppertunity to exercise it. For this, I am offended.

You have changed our history and our traditions, just as Michelle Obama requested, so that we no longer know the truth of our founding. Our great Boston Tea Party Patriots are now referred to as radicals and terrorists. For this, I am offended.

My left-leaning friends, this red-blooded true American will NOT comply with your social engineering model. I do believe that I stand with millions who feel the same. But unlike the thugs who you send out to protest, smash windows, destroy property, and defecate on police cars, we will simply do one thing. We will pray for you. For you who do not know the true God do not know His power either.

My prayer is that God will make himself real in each and every one of your lives and that you will turn from your evil, wicked ways. I rebuke every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ and command the evil to leave from your midst.

To my fellow Christian patriots, stay steadfast in your faith. And as always, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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