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Amnesty 1987 I'll Be Back SC

Dear Congressman Michael Grimm (R-NY),

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I speak for myself and a sizable bloc of like-minded people who are furious with your apparent intention to vote to erase our borders and destroy our economy by the importation of tens of millions of new uneducated and unskilled people into our midst.

These people will overwhelmingly vote Democrat so they can squeeze every last drop of blood out of the body of our beloved country. We’ve tried to talk to you about your legally mandated responsibilities to uphold the Constitution and protect our interests, but you seem to be ignoring what we have to say. Instead, you are listening to people like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, who tell you that unless you vote to provide (fill in your name for amnesty), Hispanics will never support you, and Republicans will never hold the White House again. Why you would believe this is a mystery. Such an assertion is bizarre and absolutely unsupportable on its face. Neither you nor anyone else can make the case that Hispanics will ever vote for Republicans under any circumstances.

Take a look at what the 1986 Amnesty bill did to California. Your implied parroting of the Democrat Party line on the urgent need for “comprehensive immigration reform” without the slightest hint of self-consciousness speaks volumes about where your true loyalties are. You seem to believe that those of us who can see what is really happening should be addressed with this child-like foolishness about “comprehensive immigration reform”; but believe me, you are making a serious mistake.

I remind you that we are not a mindless mob as you and your Republican colleagues choose to believe. We are the very people who worked 8 and 10 hours a day every day for months to get you elected. We can and most certainly will work just as hard to defeat you if you support any form of amnesty. We understand the issues. We understand that you are contemplating actually putting the future of our nation, and more to the point the future of our families, in the hands of Barack Obama, a narcissist who thinks he is a king one day and a dictator the next.

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Mister Grimm, what makes you believe that the so-called triggers for this or triggers for that will force King Barack to implement anything he doesn’t like? Don’t you see how naïve you sound with all of this high sounding talk and apparent trust in Barack Obama? The King didn’t like parts of his own Obamacare bill, so he merely declines to enforce what he doesn’t like. The king won’t like anything in your naïve “comprehensive immigration reform bill” that closes the borders, so he WON’T enforce what you vote for. He wants only one thing from this bill: Tens of millions of new Democrat voters.

Perhaps the most insulting aspect of this issue is the used car salesman talk you and your colleagues use when talking up this amnesty bill. You babble about tough border security; they will have to get a job and learn English; they will go to the ‘end of the line.’ Let’s talk about these things. There already is a federal law in place requiring 700 miles of new fencing to be built on the southern border.

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