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While the economy suffers, jobs are lost and our dads, moms, brothers, sisters, children, and grand-children go away to face the perils of war in the Middle East, many of us sit at home on unemployment or try to use a skill we’ve learned over the years in a feeble attempt to provide sufficiently for ourselves and our loved ones. We’re barely making ends meet.

Of course, I don’t speak for all of America. Not yet, but perhaps I do speak for the slowly dying middle class. While the largest middle class ever to prosper in the history of the world shrinks, we point fingers at who is to blame. “Bush is to Blame,” the Democrats yell, or “Obama started this mess,” Republicans will cry, perhaps not realizing that the policies haven’t really changed in the past twelve years.

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I’m starting to see a pattern. It appears we can elect any candidate from the two-party system and yet policies won’t change in any significant way for about three presidential terms. So argue away! Let’s keep pointing fingers at each other and screaming “Democrats are the problem,” or “Republicans are going to destroy the country.” Or, we can all rally together as real believers in our Constitution and vote for a pro-LIBERTY candidate, Governor Gary Johnson. Let us prove to the rest of the world that we ARE awake and we won’t be bullied by oppressing dictator wannabes such as President Obama, or worse, his carbon copy Mitt Romney!

The economy suffers and our loved ones die on the battlefield.

We resumed bombing the Middle East toward the end of President Clinton’s term while the public was caught up in the sex scandal. I wonder if that’s why Hillary is determined to sign a U.N. Arms Treaty and snatch up all our guns. Enough, though! The Second Amendment clearly states that “a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Why does Romney equally support this weapons ban? As a Conservative Republican one would figure he’d support the Second Amendment whole heartedly and wouldn’t want to infringe on the Constitutional rights of American citizens. Hmm… Gary Johnson doesn’t believe we should require extensive background checks in order to have the ability to protect ourselves (just some food for thought).

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Now back to my point about the Middle East. Why did President Clinton send the stealth bombers to Iraq? Regarding Operation Desert Fox, “The contemporaneous justification for the strikes was Iraq’s failure to comply with United Nations Security Council resolutions as well as their interference with United Nations Special Commission inspectors.” This of course is the NBC, Fox News, and CNN spin your trusty Government passed down to the main stream media to repeat to the “sheeple” night after night as they came home tired and restless from work. The truth of the matter, according to many, is that the Iraqi’s were demanding their gold back and were replacing the USD as the method of payment for oil.

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