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As the world anticipated the birth of the royal baby last week, I couldn’t help but notice that during her pregnancy, the typically pro-abortion media didn’t refer to the baby in Kate Middleton’s womb as the “royal fetus.” That seemed to contradict their worldview that what grows in a mother’s womb is either a clump of cells, tissue, or it is not human yet.

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Case in point; on her Sunday show on MSNBC, liberal Democrat Melissa Harris-Perry actually said this:

“When does life begin? I submit the answer depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents…”

In her opinion, life doesn’t begin unless we want it to begin; and that depends on how we feel. It’s kind of like playing God, isn’t it? And that’s exactly the point. Notice, for example, that when a celebrity ‘chooses’ to have a baby, it’s rarely ever referred to as anything else throughout their pregnancy other than a baby.

By the way, Harris-Perry protested the new abortion law in Texas by wearing tampons for earrings

Planned Parenthood, the media, and other abortion activists practically threw a tantrum in Texas. They almost literally threw everything they could at pro-life representatives and onlookers at the state capitol. The Department of Public Safety was forced to do bag searches as protestors entered the capital; and what they found won’t surprise you if you understand the Saul Alinsky rules, leftist radicals, and liberal activists.

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The DHS found multiple jars of feces, urine, paint, female hygiene products, glitter, and confetti; people weren’t allowed in the building unless the items were discarded.

This is how the Left rolls.

Governor Rick Perry and Texas representatives received death threats and survived political bullying and pressure from the progressive media, but they endured it all for the causes of life and women’s protection.

The Left tried stopping the Texas law, which states that after 20 weeks, abortion will be illegal. It goes into effect in October. The bill also requires abortion providers to have hospital-admitting privileges, which could save a life in botched abortion situations. Marla Cardamone and Tonya Reaves are just two who weren’t that fortunate. 

It has now been proven that a pre-born baby feels excruciating pain during an abortion. At twenty weeks, the baby’s gender can already be determined by ultrasound. She has fully developed hands and feet and unique fingerprints. At twenty-three weeks, she responds to sounds and distinguishes her mother’s voice from others.

In the last three years, at least twenty states have passed abortion restrictions. You may not hear this on the so-called news, but 83 percent of Americans do favor restrictions on most abortions (especially on late-term killings.)

Moreover, according the Huffington Post of all sources, 70% of people who consider themselves “pro-choice” favor laws like the one just passed in Texas. 

Wisconsin is another state that has recently enacted policies supporting life, such as the outlawing of web-cam abortions and the requirement for abortion clinics to provide an ultrasound. When pregnant women see their ultrasound images, they most often choose life. Ultrasounds result in more people getting informed and learning the truth instead of spewing liberal talking points.

As Christian conservatives, our greatest weapon is the truth.

One of the ignorant arguments that enabled Roe vs. Wade to be passed in 1973 was that they claimed that no one really knew when life began. However, with today’s technology making the case for life, most fair-minded people know that the Bible has been right all along.

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