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A Real Threat To America


There is a large group of radicals in the Middle East who have hijacked a religious community and are threatening the future of their people. Suicide bombers don’t care about the effects of their actions on others. They believe that their awful actions will be rewarded afterwards by their almighty ruler, Allah. They believe they will be taken to paradise. They are taught from a very young age that Americans are the real evil in the world, and that to kill them is a noble and Godly act.

In the United States, we have suicide voters. These radical progressives and liberals don’t care about the effects of their actions on others. They believe their almighty ruler, government, will reward them with a utopian society that cares for them from cradle to grave. These domestic terrorists are indoctrinated in our public schools from a young age to believe that Americans are the real evil in the world, and their greed must be avenged with social justice policies that redistribute their wealth.

The actions of both suicide bombers and suicide voters have the same long-term effects; but in some ways, the bomber’s actions result in a faster and more humane way to die for their victims. They don’t have to see the results of the bomber’s actions.

My brother was killed on 9/11 in NYC by suicide bombers. He and nearly 3000 others suffered the wrath of radical Islam that day. Seven, and then eleven years later, I and other Americans have been suffering  more and more each day due to the wrath of radical liberal progressives and their suicide voting.

It’s time we fight harder against both types of terrorists. The best way is to vote against progressive liberals because they get their power from suicide voters, who in turn embolden suicide bombers with their policies and gestures.

This post might seem insensitive with some of the things I’ve mentioned. I am unapologetic. I’m sick of seeing my country downgraded in every aspect, day after day by people who continually disregard the principles that this country was founded on and made it so great. If you people reading this are offended, maybe you and your suicide voter friends should move to the Middle East where there are plenty of more people who agree with your radical ideologies.

Photo credit: Joel Tozer

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