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Head Obamacare Official Jumps Ship


The fakes in the Obama Administration – you remember them the guys running the most transparent Administration in history – always save their worst news for after 5 PM eastern time on Fridays. That way the Democrat cheerleaders in the media can hide it in the “Cajun Cooking” section in a Saturday newspaper not many people will read.

Friday at 5:36 PM Eastern, the Obama Administration announced the resignation of the stooge who would have been the overseer of implementation of the hated Obamacare. Whether he “fell or was pushed” is immaterial except for the fact that it adds fuel to the fire of speculation that “The most open and transparent Administration in history” KNOWS it will lose its Supreme Court showdown over the Constitutionality of Obamacare in total or part – either way America wins and they lose.

The stooge, Steve Larsen is now the former head of the Department of Health and Human Services Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight. He slithers away next month. But not to worry for ole Steve,  he’s a good little liberal Democrat so Obama has found a place for him already. This means either Obama’s upper level stooges KNEW Larsen would jump ship because they KNOW Obamacare is a dog that won’t hunt or they have lots jobs just waiting for retread stooges when they sneak out the back door of some boondoggle.  In this case OPTUM, a health care service company that is part of UnitedHealth Group will give Ole Steve a corner office doubtlessly paid for with money from some federal contract or another.

Since the Democrat Cheerleaders in the media didn’t bother to find out anything about UnitedHealth Group here’s what a simple three second search discovered.

UnitedHealth Group has the HIGHEST CEO- to – worker ratio of any Fortune 50 company in the country. The CEO makes 1731 times what his typical worker makes. I’m all for anybody making as much as he/she can but isn’t it Barack Obama who complains about Healthcare industry salaries? Does anyone think we’ll hear about the salary Larsen will be getting at UnitedHealth Group? I don’t.


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By Kevin “Coach” Collins

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