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Sheriff Arpaio, Reilly, Zullo swearing in CCP

On January 15, at 6:30 PM, Investigator Mike Zullo of the Cold Case Posse has been scheduled to give a presentation to a joint meeting of the Surprise Tea Party and the Sun City West Tea Party. Zullo will, according to the Sun City West Tea Party website, be speaking about issues from the 1950s that have a striking similarity to current events such as Agenda 21, World Government, etc. Specifically, he will be speaking about the Bricker Amendment and the Connally Reservation.

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Prior to my being sworn into the Cold Case Posse by Sheriff Arpaio on April 17, 2012, I provided information regarding the Connally Reservation and the Bricker Amendment and the abuse of treaty laws to Investigator Zullo in February and early March of 2012.  In addition, I provided the name of Frank E. Holman, former President of the American Bar Association from 1948-1949, and the location of Mr. Holman’s personal papers currently warehoused at the former Sandpoint Naval Air Station in Seattle, WA. Mr. Holman was a Member of the Special Committee for the Organization of the Nations for Peace and Law in 1944 and 1945. Mr. Holman was also a member of the Special Committee for Peace and Law Through United Nations in 1946 and 1947. Mr. Holman was a Rhodes Scholar and the Senior Partner in the Seattle law firm of Holman, Mickelwait, Marion, Black & Perkins. The firm in 2006 became Perkins Coie and now represents President Barack Hussein Obama II.

Originally a supporter of the United Nations, Mr. Holman soon became an outspoken opponent of the United Nations and worked tirelessly at his own expense for 10 years to expose the socialist and internationalist agenda to transform America into a socialist state through international agreements, conventions, and treaties associated with the United Nations. The agenda to transform America through treaty law was best expressed by the Communist Party USA in the April 1945 issue of their official journal, Political Affairs:

Great popular support and enthusiasm for the [creation of the United Nations and] United Nations policies should be built up, well organized and fully articulate. But it is also necessary to do more than that. The opposition must be rendered so impotent that it will be unable to gather any significant support in the Senate against the U.N. Charter and the treaties which will follow. (my emphasis)

In 1952, in an address to the American Bar Association, Mr. John Foster Dulles, before he became Secretary of State, issued the following warning to the delegates:

The treaty-making power is an extraordinary power liable to abuse. Treaties make international law and also make domestic law. Under our Constitution treaties become the supreme law of the land. They are indeed more supreme than ordinary laws for congressional laws are invalid if they do not conform to the Constitution, whereas treaty laws can override the Constitution. Treaties for example, can take powers away from the Congress and give them to the President: they can take powers from the State and give them to the Federal government or to some international body and they can cut across the rights given the people by the constitutional Bill of Rights.

As a result of these warnings, Mr. Holman pushed forward with the need for a Constitutional Amendment which would, at a minimum, prevent a treaty or other international agreement that conflicts with any provision of the Constitution from being of any force or effect. Mr. Holman’s efforts, with the help of the American Bar Association, lead to the proposed Bricker Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which was submitted by Senator John Bricker along with sixty-three other Senators, as Senate Joint Resolution 1, in the 83rd Congress, 1st Session. The text of the Article is as follows:

1.) A provision of a treaty which conflicts with this Constitution shall not be of any force or effect.

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