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A Progressive “Explains” Why Dems Lost in 2010: White Racism


by Kevin “Coach” Collins


“Progressives” are odd self-absorbed people, but they’re good at creating a supporting argument for their predetermined conclusions.  Lee Drutman is just such a progressive.

To Drutman “All horses are animals,” means all animals are horses. His stupefying “analysis” of the results of the 2008 and 2010 elections proves this.

He examined the sharp drop in state by state Democrat self-identification reported by Gallup and concluded since Whites have largely retreated from the Democrats the shift in political allegiance proves Whites are racists because he can’t account for the switch using any other measurements.

Unemployment and Democratic Defeats

Since progressives see no difference between Republicans and conservatives, this analysis claims the sour economy drove Americans to vote Republican. This line of argument overlooks the fact Americans voted for conservatives who happen to be Republicans. It says nothing about the number of Republicans who were thrown out of office by primary voters disgusted with their unwillingness to fight for their conservative values. He doesn’t acknowledge that many people have come to see conservative values and American values as one in the same, or that Obama and his party have driven voters away with their daily attacks on these values. His answer is White racism.

What Manufacturing “Decline”?

Drutman’s trip from point “A” to his predictable point “Z” takes another odd twist with his unsupportable assertion that “manufacturing is a dying industry” and therefore is a cause for voter mistrust of Democrats.  Voters don’t trust Democrats, but it isn’t because manufacturing is dying. The inconvenient truth is the latest reports show manufacturing jobs grew by 33,000 and America produces 20 percent of all the world’s durable goods. Undaunted by facts, the hapless Drutman then even adds, “But if we plot the decline in Democratic partisan ID and the manufacturing as share of the state GDP, there is no relationship.” His answer is White racism.

Drutman’s final stop to point “Z” touches on why seniors are running away from Democrats. He postulates that since most of the country, and certainly most voters are White, seniors vote against Democrats because they too are White racists.

The possibility that seniors vote Republican because their life experience lets them see through Democrats’ lies doesn’t occur to this “Progressive” thinker.

His conclusion is the old liberal favorite: White racism, which is always lurking just below the surface, must be showing itself. Let’s hope enough Democrats in Congress believe this. If so, it will make for a great 2012 election Night; maybe even better than last year’s.

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.


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