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A Plea To My Fellow Americans


Tea Party Protesters

The problem with people, and not just when it comes to politics, is that we all settle. I am guilty of it too.

Never again will I go against my principles in an election. No more “anybody but (insert name here)” voting. We should all follow this rule.

During the Republican primaries, a lot of my friends and even some self-proclaimed Conservatives in talk radio did not want Mitt Romney to be nominated. We let the mainstream media dictate the primary before it even started; and worse than that, some of us went against our principles thinking he had the “best shot.” Right-wing radio hosts and TV commentators were as harsh on Romney as Obama was, then they turned around and voted for him. I did too.

I don’t want this to be another article added to the ‘Why We Lost’ category, so lets focus on something else. Yes, it’s true what liberals are saying: “these are changing times.” Times are changing because the right has no real leadership and nobody with enough balls to speak the truth and at the same time confront the mainstream media. There are some who come close; but when push comes to shove, folks tend to get a little timid. On top of that, there is NO conservative or libertarian who will challenge the Republican establishment. Establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle want to ensure that power is shared and, at the same time, make sure all threats to their power-sharing agenda are neutralized. They do that with taking away special positions within government or threatening not to support reelection campaigns.

I can go on and on with reasons why we need to clean house in the Republican party…or really look at a stronger alternative to the party. New faces in the political arena with a unified and clear message, along with bold promises of term limits, a balanced budget amendment, and an efficient government, would drum up a large swell of support. On the voting front, we need to be strong and unified as well. Ignoring the mainstream media’s propaganda, swallowing our pride when it comes to treating the two-party system as if it’s a sports rivalry, and rewriting a whole new political platform from the bottom up would be a great start. Some people might like the Republican platform; but since the party is filled with a bunch of capitulating poor excuses for a representative, it would take a mighty long time to replace these political hacks.

In other words, we NEED A POLITICAL REVOLUTION. Let’s stop being lazy. Lets stop conforming to the status quo. Lets save our children’s future and clean house. Lets share some ideas of how we can come together to reform government. There’s so much wrong with government right now, and a lot of work needs to be done to save our republic and our Constitution.

I am unsure of the reaction this will get, but I will be good on my word. I will try my hardest to change the status quo. You don’t have to join me; but if more people did, no more progressive liberals and Republicans will be threatening our future anymore.

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