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A Personal Letter to Sandra Fluke


Sandra, welcome to the big show. First of all, let me congratulate you into turning a personal responsibility issue into another divisive political talking point. You and your Progressive zombies go to a Jesuit-sponsored school like Georgetown University (after your own admission that you deliberately targeted them) and DEMAND that they trash their beliefs and provide FREE contraception to you. Have I got that about right? You do NOT have the right to make that demand of anyone…EVER. You do have the right to apply to any school in the world that will have you and for which you qualify, but you do not have the “right” to demand anything from anyone!

What you are asking Georgetown to do is alleviate you of your personal responsibility to avoid pregnancy. Birth control is NOT a woman’s health issue; it is a woman’s CHOICE issue. You have the choice to engage in sexual activity or not. Your choice of what kind of birth control to use is a personal one that I and many other Americans are NOT willing to pay for. If you and your sexually active little friends want to play, then you have to pay your own way.

You are free to do with your bodies what you will, but do NOT ask those of us taxpayers who have other things to worry about paying for in this life to finance your bad decisions! You want contraception, then get a part-time job and pay for it. You want to murder your unborn child? Don’t ask me to pay for it. Mammograms, PAP smears, and hormone replacement are all women’s health issues. How to keep yourself from getting pregnant merely involves a walk down to the pharmacy. You can handle a walk down to the pharmacy, can’t you Sandra?

You and your femi-nazi friends are the ones who have declared war on women, not the Republicans. You have declared war against conservative women who know the difference between a Constitutional RIGHT and what you feel is an “entitlement. ” Responsibility is an obligation on your part when you live in a free society. You and you alone are answerable for the decisions that you make…ALL your decisions.

Ms. Fluke, you went looking for a fight when you chose Georgetown University to wage this little battle with, and now let’s see if you have the cognitive skills to effectively make your case (or if the Progressives have just found themselves another useful idiot!) When you start saying “it’s a woman’s decision about what she does with a human life that’s been given to her”, I would suggest that you first look in the mirror and realize that you are NOT God! Good luck with your “new career”, Ms. Fluke. Adieu.

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