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In 1970, even the churches were not regularly taught the doctrine of the second coming of Christ more commonly known as premillennial prophecy. Then along came Hal Lindsey’s block buster best seller, “The Late Great Planet Earth.”

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The nation and the world were catapulted into a revival of knowledge that even the Prophet Daniel proclaimed would not be well known or revealed until the last days. A few great works have been added to Lindsey’s book, and those who had only Clarence Larkin’s 1918 version of “Dispensational Truth” were reinvigorated to begin again to start studying the subject of eschatology (The last things.)

Certain signs have been fulfilled in this generation that make it impossible to miss that the generation Jesus spoke of as the one sure to precede the second coming of Christ is as the Bible says, “at hand.”

Of all the latest signs and the greatest teachings and discoveries about Christ’s imminent return in power that have graced this generation, none is more specific to America than the parallel Israel and America share in the passages of Isaiah 9: 10 and following.

Since online journalism often falls prey to the speed of surfing and the new lightning speed of digital browsers, I will state both early and emphatically; the Isaiah 9:10 prophecy/parallel is, without doubt, the most important and impressive discovery in this decade. It is a wake-up call that we can only ignore at our own peril.

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It was apparent from the beginning that reviewing this documentary would not be easy and that the standard review techniques would need to be suspended in lieu of some other means of elucidation. Joseph Farah (co-founder of the Western Center for Journalism) is an articulate man who in this interview manages to touch on many of the questions anyone may think to ask, but to begin, we will use the four P’s to introduce the production.

PRIMARY – In both Old and New Testament days, the Lord made it clear to his apostles and prophets and servants that if they went unheard and subsequently unheeded that it was God that was being rejected, not the servant. Under inspiration of God’s Holy Spirit, God, his message, and the messenger stand as one. That being said, the primary here is Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. Jonathan is what is known as a Messianic Rabbi (Christian), whose message is heard daily on hundreds of radio stations across the nation.

President of the ‘Hope of the World Ministries,’ Cahn is also the Senior Pastor of the ‘Jerusalem Center/ Beth Israel’ located in Wayne, New Jersey. Cahn has ministered to thousands across the globe. He is the author of the bestselling book ‘The Harbinger,’ subtitled “The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America’s Future”

In a normal review, we would hail the long list of accomplishments and roles that the principle has played to accent his career. In God’s economy, he was only looking for someone to be obedient to what they saw or heard, and in that vein, Jonathan Cahn is best described.

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