The gaffe-prone Rick Perry sought strength from an unlikely source Thursday night: Tim Tebow.

The young Denver Broncos quarterback has captured the admiration of football fans across the country after a string of unlikely victories.

“There are a lot of folks that said Tim Tebow wasn’t going to be a very good NFL quarterback. There are people that stood up and said, ‘Well, he doesn’t have the right throwing mechanisms,’ or he doesn’t — you know, he is not playing the game right,” Perry said. “Am I ready for the next level? Let me tell you, I hope I am the Tim Tebow of the Iowa caucuses.”



Newt Gingrich jabbed at Mitt Romney’s sometimes-controversial business career to score political points last week. But Romney was ready with an answer — and a knock on President Barack Obama — when asked about Gingrich’s criticism that he shuttered American companies and laid off employees to make money in the private sector.

“I think the president is going to level the same attack,” Romney said. “In the real world that the president has not lived in, I actually think he doesn’t understand that not every business succeeds.”

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