A Letter to Speaker Boehner


Dear Mr. Speaker,
I am writing to you because of some very disturbing news that has been seeping into the Internet news blogs. It seems that you and the rest of the Republican House leadership are considering quietly killing Representative Darrel Issa’s investigation into the Department of Justice’s “Fast and Furious” gun walking program. If that is true, then it means that there will be NO accountability for Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. for the deaths of two of our border agents and the thousands of Mexicans killed by the guns sent to Mexico because of this incompetently-handled activity!

Seems to most of us taxpayers who really do care what our government does that Mr Holder has been able to stonewall this investigation effectively. Mr Holder took the same oath that you did, Mr. Speaker, that is to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Aren’t the Mexican drug cartels enemies of the United States, Mr. Speaker? So if some of our agencies, under the authority of Mr. Holder, allowed firearms to be illegally purchased here and then walked across the Mexican border, it would seem that Representative Issa’s investigation is justified. So why haven’t you, sir, expedited the service of a “contempt of Congress” on Mr. Holder?

One of the really disturbing bits of news that is contained in a couple of these news stories, Mr. Speaker, is that you and few of your captains feel that if you let this investigation die quietly, you and the Republicans will suffer only a minor and temporary reaction from the voters. Is that true Mr. Speaker? If you and the other Republicans are NOT willing to put an end to this rampant government corruption, why are you there, sir? Mr. Holder, based on his public statements to Representative Issa’s questions so far, is either totally incompetent, total corrupt, or stupid! If any of these reason are true, Mr. Speaker, then he needs to be removed from office immediately.

If you think that you and the others in leadership will suffer but “minor and temporary outrage” you are wrong sir! Do you really not think that a majority of the citizens of this great country are not fed up with the “good ole boy” games that you people play with each other at the expense of the American taxpayer? Is there something in the swamp gas in Washington D.C. sir that allows our elected officials to feel that they really are above our laws? Do you understand, Mr. Speaker, that “establishment” Republicans are being challenged everywhere because we are tired of watching our country sink into a moral morass where ethics and oaths no longer have any meaning?

Attorney General Holder WILL be held in contempt of Congress, Mr. Speaker, or there will be changes made to the 113th Congress come election time. Oh, and one more thing Mr. Speaker, make this intelligence leaking from “Obama’s White House” (his words not mine) stop before Americans start dying because of this. We respectfully and sincerely believe that you and your captains will live up to the oath that you all took when sworn into office.

Happy Independence Day, Mr. Speaker, to you, and the Republican House leadership.

A proud American

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