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The lamestream media is trying to make this about ideology.

Here’s a news flash. Not everybody, not even 99.999 percent of those who hold sentiments against government overreach at all levels, shoots cops or advocates armed revolution despite the idiotic ranting of newspaper writers quoting the Southern Poverty Law Center. (Jeff German, Las Vegas Review Journal, 6-11-14)

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That the Millers were at the Bundy Ranch standoff was reported because the drumbeat in many quarters of the media is “Bundy bad, Obama-Reid government good.” It’s nonsense. If you read far enough, you’ll see that they were kicked out of the Bundy ranch.

What they did is pure and simple lawlessness.

The real story here is why the neighbors didn’t call 911.

Further, it has been reported that this couple was interviewed by the Feds after they threatened to shoot up an Indiana DMV office where they were from.

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They were on the radar, but nobody in authority was looking at the screen.

The first rule of a very transient city like Las Vegas is a police force you can trust.  In the last 20 years, pronunciamentos by the various Lord High Sheriffs to the contrary, that trust—if it ever existed at all—has evaporated.

And that is the problem—not crazy people who want to do away with government.

We’re always going to have to deal with nutburgers like the Millers.  If you want to blame it on “patriots,” then why not use the German solution.  They called it the Gestapo. Our historic first line of defense are good citizens who, when they see something, say something.

Government, in its various forms, has done its best in the past 20 years to erode citizen confidence; and the fact that two subhuman morons can kill two cops and announce their intention to everyday citizens without anybody even lifting a finger to stop them tells you an awful lot about how much confidence has been eroded.

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