A Few Thoughts On That Recent Cop Murder

The lamestream media is trying to make this about ideology.


On what planet does a couple leave their apartment at 4:30 in the morning, tell their neighbors that they’re going to kill cops, and those neighbors don’t call the cops?

Planet Las Vegas.

It’s hard to get into the heads of Jerad and Amanda Miller, who executed Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers Alyn Beck, 41, and Igor Soldo, 31, who were having lunch at CiCi’s Pizza, about 11:20 a.m. last Sunday.

But police told the media that the couple had left their Bruce Street apartment at about 4:30 a.m., telling neighbors they planned to murder cops. They were armed with several handguns and a shotgun, and carried several hundred rounds of ammunition.

Here’s what the police didn’t say:

They didn’t say that the neighbors called 911. Because the neighbors—who even told the media the same thing the police did—didn’t call 911.  All in all, an impressive display of citizenship.

As heinous as this crime was, I lived in Las Vegas for 17 years; and I suspect that Metro’s reputation was a factor in those who declined to call 911.

This is not to say that all Metro’s officers are bad people. The vast majority are hard working and would be good cops anywhere.

But they hardly represent Officer Friendly to the community.

The fact is that the force has killed a lot of unarmed people in the past 10 years.  And there is almost never a consequence for the officer involved in an officer-involved shooting. Almost nobody in Metro ever gets fired for almost anything.  And one of their former luminaries is now a GOP politico whose biggest pitch is that he was never indicted. There has never been an “oppression under the color of law” action filed by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Las Vegas, even though there has been plenty of that in the past.  Metro usually buys off a serious challenge.

The force has been run by a series of inbred Sheriffs from a generation that never had to do any serious policing because the mob used to take care of that in a much smaller town. (The movie Casino is only loosely fictionalized.) And when there’s political corruption, invariably the arrests are made by the Federal government.

It was only relatively recently that Wall Street (not Harry Reid) elbowed the mob out, and Metro needed to learn something about actual police work.  But the practice of electing Sheriffs from within meant that nobody ever did a national search to hire a police chief. Except maybe the guys who produce TV shows based in Las Vegas like “CSI.”

Outside ideas only come in by accident.

The public notices these things. They read about them in the daily newspaper. They see it on the TV news.

Our system—a nation of laws—only works because of voluntary compliance. You cannot put a cop on every corner. Just ask the current Sheriff.  He says Metro is so short of money that they want you to phone most accidents in.  If the public at large has no respect for the system, then the eventual result may be that neighbors don’t call 911 when the Millers tell them they’re going to kill cops.

The lamestream media is trying to make this about ideology.

Here’s a news flash. Not everybody, not even 99.999 percent of those who hold sentiments against government overreach at all levels, shoots cops or advocates armed revolution despite the idiotic ranting of newspaper writers quoting the Southern Poverty Law Center. (Jeff German, Las Vegas Review Journal, 6-11-14)

That the Millers were at the Bundy Ranch standoff was reported because the drumbeat in many quarters of the media is “Bundy bad, Obama-Reid government good.” It’s nonsense. If you read far enough, you’ll see that they were kicked out of the Bundy ranch.

What they did is pure and simple lawlessness.

The real story here is why the neighbors didn’t call 911.

Further, it has been reported that this couple was interviewed by the Feds after they threatened to shoot up an Indiana DMV office where they were from.

They were on the radar, but nobody in authority was looking at the screen.

The first rule of a very transient city like Las Vegas is a police force you can trust.  In the last 20 years, pronunciamentos by the various Lord High Sheriffs to the contrary, that trust—if it ever existed at all—has evaporated.

And that is the problem—not crazy people who want to do away with government.

We’re always going to have to deal with nutburgers like the Millers.  If you want to blame it on “patriots,” then why not use the German solution.  They called it the Gestapo. Our historic first line of defense are good citizens who, when they see something, say something.

Government, in its various forms, has done its best in the past 20 years to erode citizen confidence; and the fact that two subhuman morons can kill two cops and announce their intention to everyday citizens without anybody even lifting a finger to stop them tells you an awful lot about how much confidence has been eroded.

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