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After listening to a recent Rush Limbaugh segment where he reads a letter from a conservative friend who is in despair at a Romney Republican ticket, it got me thinking about the dilemma we are in.

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We have been told from the beginning by both the mainstream media and Republican establishment that Romney is the “inevitable” candidate—most recently by George H. W. Bush, telling us that we should “know when to fold ‘em.”

As Rush Limbaugh’s friend states, it looks like it is inevitable that conservatives will have to back the Republican establishment that have sat on the sidelines while those of us conservatives—Tea Partiers—have been fighting in the trenches. And it looks like it is inevitable that we will have to back Romney, a candidate who laid the foundation for Obamacare. A guy who doesn’t believe what we believe. A guy who will probably shake the conservative “Etch-a-Sketch” mask if he wins.

Yes, I said if.

We have a President who is a radical, who runs roughshod over Congress. If the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare, then what is to stop him from running roughshod over their ruling? He has stabbed Israel in the back several times. He is gutting our military. He routinely apologizes to and coddles our enemies.

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So, the theory is that in order to stop Obama, we have to back Romney. But as Newt Gingrich has stated, and many others also, a moderate in the form of Bob Dole lost. A moderate in the form of John McCain lost. Will it be different with Romney? I don’t think so.

I have been behind Newt Gingrich from almost the beginning. Newt’s campaign has been “dead” several times per the mainstream media and Republican establishment. Newt was the first and only candidate to come out swinging against Obama’s war on religion with the HHS mandate. He was the first and only candidate to excoriate Obama’s apology to Karzai after the Koran burnings. He was the only candidate to have kept Obama on the ropes with his phony energy policy. In response to Gingrich’s “Drill Here, Drill Now/$2.50 gas” campaign (his attack of Obama’s “anti-Energy” Secretary Steven Chu and deceptive and misleading energy statistics,) Obama gave no less than six “energy” speeches.As we remember, his first and most ludicrous one was where he cited algae as the savior of high energy prices.

While Santorum was talking about the evils of contraception and Romney was talking about how much he liked lakes and trees and cars, Newt Gingrich was coming up with bold solutions.

You may now think that I’m am calling for a third party—a Tea Party ticket—in the form of Newt Gingrich.


I think he should be a part of that ticket, perhaps as Energy Secretary, or even as Vice President.

Newt is the greatest ideas guy. The greatest solutions guy. The greatest get-things-done guy. But for whatever reason, even though he has a huge support base, a large segment of the population will not back him on his own. As to why this is, I don’t know. While Santorum and Romney are playing in the sand box with their Etch-a-Sketches, Gingrich is burning rubber around the country, grinding on Obama’s nerves. Of course, the MSM routinely ignores him, which doesn’t help.

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