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As a pro-life conservative, I’m getting quite tired of the pro-choice crowed accusing me of wanting to take away the freedom of choice from American women. I’m also quite tired of being accused of wanting to stick my nose into the collective uteruses of all American women. I am a registered nurse by trade. My wife allowed me the privilege of catching our second child. It is a misnomer to say I “delivered” our child.  Delivered implies too much of the work fell on my shoulders. I caught. My wife delivered. Because I had the experience of delivering a baby prior to doing medical relief work in East Africa, when in Africa due to that “vast and deep experience”, I was selected to be involved with delivering  babies in Sudan.  As a nurse, I have been in and around your reproductive organs professionally for any number of medical reasons.

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Ladies I’ve seen your uteruses up close. I can assure you with absolute certainty that there is NOTHING about your uteruses I want to make my business.

I’m also sick of another aspect of the pro-choice vs. pro-life discussion. And that is the phrase “reproductive health”. If we as Americans are going to have adult conversations about important matters, it is time we quit blowing smoke up our collective behinds. Pro-life conservatives and pro-life Democrats, which are a larger group than the media wishes to acknowledge, are not against reproductive health. Please get to your doctor, your gynecologist, or your urologist and attend to your reproductive health. In fact, as a nurse who is concerned with the wellness and health of the people I serve, I implore both men and women to get to their doctors.  We have costly and life-robbing health care issues in this country because in general, people are ignoring reproductive health issues.

For the pro-choice crowd, which is primarily but not solely the left, the phase “reproductive health” means one and only one thing: abortion. If we are going to have adult conversations about substantive issues amongst each other as Americans, we must conduct that dialogue with integrity and transparency. The pro-choice crowd accusing the pro-life crowd of being against female reproductive health lacks both integrity and transparency. It is also insulting. When the pro-choice crowd tosses the term around, they are simultaneously accusing us pro-lifers as being so stupid that we don’t know what they really mean. Again, IF the desire is to have an adult dialogue, would you in the pro-choice crowd start using words and phrases that speak to the real issue, please?

(You can read more about pro-life Democrats at their web site:

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In any discourse, the person who controls the point at which that discourse beings has most of the power and controls the conversation in an unhealthy way. The truth of that statement is illustrated in healthy and unhealthy relationships. In order to have the best relationship possible, both my wife and I had to learn how to have healthy conversations. In doing so, we also learned what an unhealthy conversation looks like. Unhealthy conversations are characterized by one person controlling the starting point or context of the dialogue. Unhealthy dialogues create unhealthy relationships. Even though my wife and I may not come to the same conclusions, our relationship is healthy. It is so because we dialogue in a healthy way. Neither of us controls the starting point of the discourse.

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