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A Christian’s Response to Cries of “Discrimination”


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What is compassion? What is tough love offered out of good will to a fellow sinner? One who also struggles with urges and desires that, although of a different variety, run contrary to God’s sanctioned, intended purpose?

Here’s my response to Phil, a self-declared homosexual, who openly expressed his frustration with ‘intolerant’ Christians.

“Brother Phil,

If a Christian acts morally, spiritually, or naturally superior in any way to another, they are not coming from a place of genuine, spirit-led humility.

However, if the God of the Bible is true, then so is Original Sin. Hence, we all struggle with dispositions and tendencies that run counter to God’s natural, desired, and created order.

If you don’t keep that in mind, in your discussions with Orthodox Christians, you will be frustrated.
But we are not Islamic. We desire you peace and the salvation of your souls! We just can’t embrace the lifestyle. We don’t believe this to be a state issue, but a personal one.

However, all sinners need grace that their spiritual eyes be opened. Then the issue of sexual predisposition no longer matters. I am not saying that there is no struggle, but a much greater good takes precedence.”

I am left to wonder if my words are that of a bigot or of a concerned, sober-minded Christian. If what we believe is true, we must hold fast to truth in a charitable, honest, and loving manner.

As WE remain consistently honest about these truths, WHO are the ones with blood on their hands?

Think about it….

Unfortunately we are living in a time where science is now replacing accountability. I don’t believe we need to be defined by our sexual predispositions. Fornication, infidelity, divorce, sodomy, etc. are all sins (in fact, infidelity and sodomy are still on the books as criminal offenses in many states).

The fact that openly gay individuals want to embrace their same-sex desires and marry proves they have no concept (or are simply in denial) of essential spiritual realities. We wind up simply talking past each other. That’s why apologetics is so important, that we may declare the historical veracity and fantastic, absolute claims of the Triune God of the Bible. Without this understanding, all kinds of madness will prevail. What we have today is a complete denial of the sin and depravity of man, despite the fact that we are living in a day when the evidence abounds like never before.

Christianity provides the most historically reliable and reasonable explanation of our natural order, the existence of all things, and our ultimate purpose in this life. Unlike those nations that encourage the discrimination and persecution of gays in their midst, we are merely making our case for a healthy, well-ordered, civil society. However, we remain supportive of those with same-sex desires, and they’ve remained free to do whatever they will in their personal lives. But you can’t tell us that we have to support or even accept gay marriage as good for society…because we don’t.

We are not going to just casually adhere to those who aggressively demand a complete submission to this worldview. Gay marriage is just the beginning of the agenda, an agenda that is poised to intersect with all facets of society:

* The gay agenda will fully and shamelessly infiltrate our schools with the expansion of sex education to accommodate homosexual normalization. (See Kevin Jennings, the safe school czar chosen by President Obama, who resigned in disgrace in 2011)

* The Boy Scouts of America have been a recent target and will eventually be forced to submit to the ruthless demands and self-interests of those who seek full compliance on their terms. If complete submission to their agenda is not realized, they will be more than happy to tear down and completely destroy this organization.

* Business owners and religious institutions also will be forced to sacrifice their ‘rights of conscience’ or face the wrathful legislative and litigative tactics of the powerful progressive machine. We are already seeing evidences of these realities, and it will only get worse!

Gay activism wholly supports pushing complete indoctrination over mere tolerance. The envelope will keep getting pushed, and the boundaries of tolerance will continuously be expanded, as a form of forced compliance reigns supreme. We’ve already seen what has happened to the military, while numerous other entities are being bullied, ultimately forced into submission by this radical cause.

We must ask, exactly what’s the purpose of embracing the lifestyle that is homosexuality? What noble purpose does it serve? What purpose does it serve society?

People have all kinds of tendencies and desires; that does not mean it must me be officially recognized or celebrated. Sodomy is not a natural, God given act of love….it’s sexual perversion.

But we are all the same. We are all depraved. Homosexuals have a unique sinful disposition (lusting after same-sex individuals – but we all struggle with lust). We are commanded to love individuals with same-sex desires, and we should endorse outreach efforts to those in bondage to sin.

The message to sinners is universal, that we may deny ourselves, hold fast onto Jesus, and be reconciled. This is not a popular message these days, and many are completely blind to it; but it doesn’t make it any less necessary or true.

I’d like to end by sharing a quote, featuring some heartfelt words of candid encouragement,

“Claiming the label “celibate gay Christian” means, for me, recognizing my homosexual orientation as a kind of “thorn in the flesh.” When the apostle Paul used that phrase in his correspondence with the Corinthian church, he made clear that his “thorn” was indeed an unwelcome source of pain (2 Corinthians 12:7). But he also made clear that it had become the very occasion for his experience of the power of the risen Christ and, therefore, a paradoxical site of grace (2 Corinthians 12:8). Paul, I think, would have had no qualms about labeling himself a “thorn-pricked Christian”—not because he recognized his thorn as a good thing, in and of itself, but because it had become for him the means by which he encountered the power of Christ. Likewise, living with an unchanged homosexual orientation may be for many of us the means by which we discover new depths of grace, as well as new vocations of service to others.” -Wesley Hill (SpiritualFriendship.org)

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