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Obama Shuts Down D.C. For Jarrett Birthday

Obama has consistently acted as an imperial president, only becoming more out-of-touch as his policies become more unpopular.

Patriots Attempting Forced Government Shutdown

Andrews feels far more people will be able to take part in this protest, noting they will only need access to a phone and a list of numbers to call.

Democrat Threatens Shutdown

Considering the damage leftists claim the last shutdown had on Obama’s approval numbers, the blowback that would result if his own party initiated one could be even more devastating.

Five Reasons the Divisions in D.C. Are Growing

America’s citizens are not nearly as divided as the governing elite. Politicians have become so partisan that the country’s welfare is seriously being affected. Unfortunately, we only see it getting worse. Here are five reasons why.

Washington D.C. Drama: As The Stomach Turns

By now, most of you have noticed that every three …

Defense Dept. Complains About Shutdown Impact

On the first day of a reopened federal government, a top Department of Defense official bemoans the recent shutdown’s negative effect on the federal agency.

Obama Propaganda Tools Shuttered By Shutdown

Western Journalism President Floyd Brown gives a number of examples of how the partial government shutdown worked against Obama and his Department of Propaganda. He also explains the importance of double-checking ALL economic data presented by the government and the media…

An Inconsequential Washington, D.C.

Couple the government shutdown with the debt ceiling deadline, and there …

Economic shutdown set for this weekend

While the federal government continues to muddle through its ongoing …

Obama’s “Propaganda Village” on Display in D.C.

The Washington Post front-page photo shows Park Service employees shutting …