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3 Reasons Why The Democrat Convention will be an anti-American hate-fest


The DNC will feature a non-stop parade of speakers who hate real America. Their views will run from out of the mainstream to viciously anti-American. It will feature anti-women Islamists who hate real America, rabid hard core feminists who hate the Catholic Church, and delusional gays trying get the Democrats to force the real America they hate to accept them.

1. Their anti-Women campaign will be on display.

They will feature a series of female speakers presumably to show the nation how pro-women they are AND a celebration of Islam, a religion that centers on hating, subjugating, and physically abusing women. While this will prove Democrats don’t care anything about women (and their media cheerleaders won’t mention this), real America will see it.

Democrats don’t do patriotism very well – it’s not in their DNA. They have invited vicious America- hating Islamists to use their convention as a gathering place to pray for the destruction of America.

One leader of the DNC’s Islamic prayer session scheduled for the beginning of the convention will be Siraj Wahhai, an un-indicted co-conspirator in the 1993 WTC bombing that killed six innocent Americans. Wahhai has declared his allegiance to Sharia over our Constitution, and his “Jummah” or prayer group will be asking Allah to end the Patriot Act and the NYPD’s surveillance of him, writing both off as “Islamaphobic”.

2. Their rabid hatred for Catholicism will be on display.

The speakers will include representatives from Planned Parenthood and the Georgetown condom queen, Sandra Fluke. All have been invited to send the message “Catholics need not apply”. And Barack Obama has blown off Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s offer to do the closing benediction. Having Islamists pray for the destruction of America and rabid feminists lusting for the destruction of innocent American babies throughout the convention makes the DNC’s position toward Catholics very clear.

3. Their pro-gay “marriage” position will be on display.

When North Carolina joined the voters of 31 other states in rejecting gay “marriage”, gay activists were at first enraged. They demanded their party cancel plans to meet in North Carolina. But eventually, they came upon an idea that they AND real American agree would be their best move. They are going to the DNC to “show” real America how much support they really have and how closely they are aligned with the Democrats.

The DNC has added gay “marriage” to its platform for the first time, and who of us in real America can be unhappy with this? A gay Minnesota delegate put it best, saying this could “attract new voters.” Since gay “marriage” has moved black voters away from Obama and it has never been accepted anywhere, it is sure to bring in new voters, but they won’t be voting Democrat.

The DNC will be a celebration of hate for real America. Everything that is repulsive to real America will defiantly be on display. From Islamists praying for our destruction to sour feminists demanding the death of more innocent babies to gays demanding that real America accept their lifestyles, the real Democrats have set themselves up in perfect contrast to real America. Let the games begin!

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