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As a child, I used to play the board game of Monopoly.  I still vividly remember the excitement of a “Get out of Jail Free” card and the royal blue of Boardwalk and Park Place.  My brothers would be angered when I’d loft off to using the pink pastel colored dollars for other, imaginary scenarios in make-believe businesses. Who knew at a young age, I’d be an energetic entrepreneur, only my lessons of business and true capitalism would come from something other than playing monopoly with my brothers.

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By looking at the meaning of Monopoly as an adult, I am only reminded how badly its lessons are in truly preparing us for the real world and as a Free Market.

Playing the Game:

Monopoly was developed from a first phase of The Landlord’s Game, which was invented in 1903 by Lizzie J. Magie whom was a loyal follower Henry George and through The Landlord’s Game she was in pursuit of teaching his single-tax theory. [1]

Years later, a number of socialists, such as Scott Nearing, known as the “father of environmentalism”, changed the name of the game to “Monopoly.”

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Monopoly is designed in a way that all cannot improve their properties equally, and collaboration is prohibited. With every move it ends up hurting the other players in pursuit to gain their wealth and building ultimate power. It is no wonder the later patented game was named Monopoly.  [2]

Monopoly Definition: the exclusive possession or control of something. [3]


The Monopoly Game played today:
Monopoly looks a lot like Washington today. Consider us the players trying to make it around the board in pursuit of a lifestyle of security and freedom; what America was built on!   Some of us taking risks, some of us holding “our cards” more tightly. At the start of the game, each player (you and I) chooses a token and one player is selected as the banker (president). In these terms, we vote in the banker and he holds the power, a power that has been out of control for some 50 years.

All too often, as we’ve learned this year, there are stories such as the Solyndra bankruptcy. The government and Energy Department gives a politically connected group, (Solyndra) money, when they knew that they had a negative flowing cash flow for some time. Solyndra would funnel some of this money to the California Democratic Party. The principles in the business were handsomely paid.  Regular American citizens grew to be outraged when they found out. The money gifted to them is from your and my tax dollars. [4]

As you see, the best part about the “banker” and it’s ruling class game is that it is created so that they cannot lose: Power keeps the playbook and keeps the rule book. Perhaps the saddest part was being told that these entities are established firms which are “too big to fail”. What a choice we are offered: they can take down an economy or demand a bailout.

The saddest part? Even though we don’t want to give the keys to the King to the Castle, he simply brings up the drawbridge behind him.

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