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2004 Kenyan Newspaper Article Calls Obama ‘Kenyan Born,’ Exposes Corruption in Senate Campaign


Obama went from obscurity to a household name on July 27, 2004 when he gave the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention, giving his fledgling U.S. Senate campaign a big boost, sending his forgotten Dreams From My Father memoir into the bestseller list, and all but assuring him a victory over his Republican rival, Jack Ryan. But for Chicago-machine Obama, fighting fair ain’t part of the game plan.  David Axelrod oiled the gears of the Chicago Machine and had his minions over at the Chicago Tribune file a lawsuit to unseal Ryan’s divorce records over the objections of both Ryan and his ex-wife Jeri, both of whom didn’t want the information to reach their children’s ears. But what’s a couple of damaged adolescent psyches when it comes to politics? All’s fair in love and war, right?

Now if only we can have Axelrod get Columbia University to unseal Obama’s records so we can find out what we already know—that Obama was enrolled as a foreign student. Maybe we can also find out whether Bill Ayers, living two blocks away from Obama in 1984 (and his girlfriend Genevieve Cook as a classmate of Ayers at Bank Street College) was just a coincidence or whether Obama was playing “pin the tail on the communist.”

Oh, and I guess the Associated Press got it wrong when they called Obama ‘Kenyan born.’ Funny how Obama didn’t dispatch the 2004 version of the ‘Truth Team/Attack Watch’ to correct the right-wing lies about him being Kenyan-born.



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